Creating and Maintaining an Effective Online Store

Increasing traffic to your website is not enough to make your business a success. To turn visitors into customers, you need an eCommerce shop that is well organized, simple to navigate, and promotes your most profitable products. Logicblock makes uploading products and segmenting catalogs easy for you, so that finding the perfect product is easy for your customers.  

Product Uploads Made Easy

Imaginary upload button on keyboard

Uploading products to your website can seem like a daunting task, especially for a growing and changing business. 7cart’s intuitive programming allows for batch uploading and editing, to maximize speed and ease of use. You can easily update, add, and delete items, so your store is always up to date. The ability to organize and present your eCommerce site just the way you want is only one of the many reasons you should use 7cart.

Segmentation is a Road Map for Your Customers

A well-segmented catalog acts like a trail of breadcrumbs your customers follow until they reach the right product for them. Starting wide with a category like “School Supplies,” then narrowing to subcategories like “Arts & Crafts” and then “Markers,” and finally landing on the individual product gives the customer full control. This level of segmentation also allows customers to backtrack without losing their place in your catalog.  

Segmentation Allows for Discovery 

Segmentation not only helps the customer organically discover what they are looking for, but also shows the customer related products and services they may not have realized they need. In every way, segmentation benefits both you and your customers. Logicblock’s product upload and segmentation tools can also help improve search functionality, connecting customers to products in seconds. By using Logicblock’s site search analytics you can make it easier for customers to find what they are looking for, while also helping you decide what you want to show them.

Maximize Your ROI and Highlight Your Uniqueness

An organized store needs more than just a list of products. A successful eCommerce site will also highlight products that earn the best ROI, reaching as many potential customers as possible. 7cart technology can also help you stand out in a crowd by highlighting your business’s unique offerings. You can even create conversions using video, giving customers a better understanding of what they are purchasing. Placing your unique and profitable products front and center shows how special your business is, while maximizing sales potential.