Competitive Pricing and Customer Price Rules

What is Competitive Pricing?

What if you want the ability to display your competitor’s prices against yours?

With our Competitive Pricing Engine, not only can you display your big name competitor’s prices (Office Depot, Amazon, Staples, etc) against your prices on your product’s page, but you can set the engine to automatically pull their prices and set yours lower by a dollar amount or percentage.

Competitive Pricing

Our integrated packages are the best option to efficiently cross-reference competitor product pricing. It empowers you to easily manage your pricing and margins in both a mobile and desktop platform.

Feature Highlights

  • Look up the price and description of a single item for multiple competitors
  • Compare retail and contract prices across all national competitors’ product portfolios
  • Review local and state government contract prices to craft informed bids
  • Upload Excel files and compare competitor pricing for an unlimited number of items
  • Reference items by price plan
  • Easily adjust your prices to win contracts
  • Change the product mix to reduce the customer’s budget
  • Substitute private label products to change the bid
  • Automatically updates your pricing strategies on your website
  • Inserts, formats, and aligns a cross-reference of products for easy interpretation
  • Quickly establish and implement a specific blanket pricing strategy. For Example: Apply pricing 2% lower than a specific competitor for a particular category or velocity

Competitive Pricing Close-up

What are Custom Price Rules?

Does your current eCommerce provider give you the ability to set specific price rules for any customers that you’d like in any way you want?

With Logicblock, all that and more is possible. Our custom price rules give you the ability to give a customer or any set of customers a special price that only they can see. You can also use a hierarchy of salespersons to do this for you.
This feature is completely customizable and flexible enough to fit any need you may have for it.