Are you tired of managing all of the content you get from your wholesaler? Good news! We can do that for you.

Managed content is content that is maintained by Logicblock. This content is received directly from your vendor and automatically populated onto your website. The frequency in which the content gets updated depends on the type of content and vendor. This may range from near-real time to a quarterly basis. If you’d like, you can even opt-out of having individual items managed, and manage them yourself.

Manage everything in your store all from the same program. Build menus, write FAQs, and add options like Top 10 lists and Website Policies without having to sign up for any outside services.

  • Create Unlimited Web Pages:Add custom HTML pages to your store with one click. No programming required.
  • Unlimited Customizable Content Sections:Easily add and remove sections of HTML and forms from our admin interface.
  • Website Menus:Create your own navigation menus using our intuitive forms. No HTML programming required.
  • 25+ Built-in Content Blocks:Choose from a variety of built in content blocks to customize your site’s appearance.
  • Category Rotators:Display a new category link every time a customer visits a page.
  • Category Menus:Show a list of navigation links that are automatically generated from our admin interface.
  • Flash Image Rotators (no programming required):Show a slide show of products with fade in/fade out transitions anywhere on your site.
  • Image Rotators:Show a new image each time a customer visits a page.
  • Recently Viewed Products:Automatically keep track of which products a customer views and provide quicklinks back to the products.
  • RSS Feed Viewer:Display RSS news feeds anywhere in your store to keep content fresh.
  • Search Box:Allow customers to quickly search by keyword from any page in your store.
  • Top 10 Products:Automatically show a list of the top 10 selling products on your store.
  • Top Weekly Sellers:Automatically show a list of the top selling products this week.
  • Store Contact Address:Add your store location for contact forms and shipping calculations.
  • Store Contact Form with Customizable Fields:Let customers contact you via a web form. Add your own questions and comment fields.
  • Store Meta Tags:Create a set of default meta tags to be used when individual product and category meta tags are not set.
  • Help/FAQ:Add frequently asked questions to your store from the admin without programming.
  • Website Policies:Let your customers know what will happen to their information. Let customers know when their items will ship. Let customers know how and if you accept returns.
  • Terms and Conditions:Optionally, require customers to agree to your site’s terms and conditions before purchase.
  • Custom Store Policies:Create your own policies to display in the customer service area.
  • File Manager:Organize and manage your images and documents on your site.