Site Content and Design

Make your first impression a lasting one.

Master your website and create a UNIQUE shopping journey

Easily administer every aspect of your online store with our comprehensive management system. 

Construct menus, formulate FAQs, and incorporate features like ‘Top 10’ lists and ‘Website Policies.’ 

Our eCommerce solution includes a feature-rich content management system equipped with customizable content blocks/widgets for ultimate versatility. 

Leverage limitless content to enhance your website and showcase your expertise.


  • SEO Ready

    Our eCommerce platform provides you with the necessary tools to be SEO friendly, thus increasing your click-through rates and improving your ranking in organic search results. This starts with your own unique web address and expands to unique tagging features, and much, much more.

  • Customizable Content Areas

    Conveniently add and remove HTML sections and forms through our admin interface.

  • Limitless Web Page Creation

    Be it Landing Pages, Informational Pages or any other type... Seamlessly add content pages to your store with just one click. Zero programming necessary.

  • Integrated Blogging Platform

    Help get your site seen online with a blog! Publish blogs with updates, news, insights, and more directly on your website with our easy-to-use built-in blogging platform. Enhance your content with rich media and optimize it for SEO.

  • Support/FAQs

    Easily incorporate frequently asked questions to your store without programming. Our built-in customer service pages, including FAQ and help pages, can be swiftly updated with your content.

  • Store Location

    Embed your store's location for use in contact forms and shipping calculations. Use our Store Contact Form with adjustable fields, enabling customers to reach out to you through a web form. Tailor your own questions and comment fields.

  • Dynamic Product Display

    Increase your conversion rate by automatically showcasing lists of recently viewed, related, or top-selling products on your store.

  • Category Menus

    Display a list of navigation links generated directly from our admin interface, allowing for a user-friendly, optimized browsing experience.

  • Website Navigation

    Seamlessly design navigation menus using our intuitive forms, eliminating the need for HTML coding. Our platform provides tools for creating menus with ease.

  • Over 25+ Pre-existing Content Blocks

    Select from an array of pre-existing content blocks to customize your site’s appearance.

  • Category Grids/Rotators

    Present categories with engaging visuals. Exhibit a new category link every time a customer visits a page.

  • Terms and Conditions

    Optionally, require customers to agree to your website's terms and conditions before making a purchase. Easily manage your Terms and Conditions page.

  • File Manager

    Systematize and manage your website's images and documents with ease.