Account/User Management

Unlimited users with unlimited features – create, edit and manage your accounts all in once place. 

B2X Account Management Framework

Reach everyone, everywhere. Effortlessly set up sophisticated B2B accounts that have it all – from order approval hierarchies to product restrictions and permissions. Plus, your clients can easily create their own accounts, making business a breeze.

Customer-Specific Pricing

Sub-users and Purchasing Policies Structure

Develop Managers and Purchasers within hierarchies, assigning permissions to each user level. Limit browsing to designated product lists. Set budget and purchasing thresholds. For further granularity, implement Cost Centers.

Shopping Lists and Favorite Items

Customers can revisit any item without difficulty. Items they order are automatically added to their Favorites list. Enable your customers to create and share shopping lists—or make them on your customers’ behalf!

Order Approval Process

The order approval system enables specific customers to require one or more managers’ approvals before the order is authorized for processing. Establish multiple approvers and set purchasing and budget limits.

Unlimited User Capacity

There are no boundaries to the number of customers you can accommodate. Each customer maintains a unique account with a distinct username.

CUSTOM Customer Experience

Customize your customer’s experience like a pro. Offer a tailored selection of products, content, shipping, and payment options for every kind of customer. Get exclusive with your catalog browsing by using customer groups to keep things just for the right eyes.

User Groups and Permission Allocation

Make managing content for different user groups a breeze. Show or hide the right stuff for the right crowd. Switch up available shipping or payment options with ease. Plus, with our slick user control panel, you can set up partial admin access or bring new admin players into the game effortlessly.

Address Book Management

Customers can effortlessly manage multiple billing or shipping addresses without restrictions. Placing an order to an alternative address is just a click away. Exporting address books is straightforward.

Customer Feedback

Enable customers to review products or integrate third-party reviews on your site. Effortlessly show “customers who bought this also bought” through related product suggestions.

User Data Exports

Streamline your customer data into a clean, efficient spreadsheet in no time. With clearly labeled columns and comprehensive details, it’s simple to monitor, evaluate, and plan your next steps. Organized data means you’re equipped with the insights you need to make informed decisions and elevate your business strategy.

Integrated Tax Solutions

Efficiently manage your customers’ taxes solo, or link up with a seamless third-party integration. Easily mark customers as non-taxable with just a click of a checkbox, simplifying your tax handling process.