Our Customers

We are proud to present a select list of customers using our services. Our portfolio and customer base keeps blossoming because we provide exceptional web services at affordable prices. In fact, Logicblock has developed most of the websites by referrals and repeat business. Feel free to view some of our most recent creations.

Egyptian Workspace Partners www.goegyptian.com
Ultimate Cart Parts www.ultimatecartparts.com
Zuma Office www.zumaoffice.com
Reliable Paper www.reliablepaper.com
The School Box www.schoolbox.com
Office Source 360 www.officesource360.com
NCI – New Century Imaging www.nciofficesolutions.com
Bulk Office Supply www.bulkofficesupply.com
Industrial Formulators Inc. www.industrialformulatorsinc.com
Latson’s Office Solutions, Inc. www.latsons.com
Genco Business Systems www.gencooffice.com
ICC Business Products, Inc. www.iccbusinessproducts.com
ACT Supplies www.actsupplies.com
CAM Office Services www.camofficeservices.com
My Elite Products www.myeliteproducts.com
PNWB Office Products www.pnwboffice.com
Ascendant Office Solutions www.ascendantos.com
Best Office Products www.bestofficegroup.com
ALL INKS AND TONERS www.allinksandtoners.com
Allied Office Specialists www.alliedofficespecialists.com
AllianceSupply.com www.alliancesupply.com
AffordableOF.com www.affordableof.com
Burris Inc www.burrisinc.com
Bluebay Office www.bluebayoffice.com
Buy Janitorial Direct www.buyjanitorialdirect.com
Cartridge Savers, Inc. www.cartridgesavers.com
Cherokee Supply www.cherokeesupplyga.com
Court Street Office Supplies www.courtofficesupplies.com
Direct Office Buys www.directofficebuys.com
Galloway Office Supply www.goswholesale.com
Georgia Industries for the Blind www.buygib.com
Golden Isles Office Equipment www.goldenislesofficeequipment.com
Kopy Kat Office www.kopykatgp.com
Little Joe Janitorial Supplies www.liljoejanitorialsupplies.com
National Office Works, Inc. www.nationalofficeworks.com
SCV Janitorial Supply www.scvjanitorialsupply.com
Sierra Office shop.sierrabg.com
Simply Kleen USA www.simplykleenusa.com
Snap Supplies www.snapsupplies.com
Stone Printing Office Supply www.stoneofficesupplies.com
Superior Sanitary Supplies www.superiorsanitary.com
Steadfast Technics www.steadfasttechnics.com
Supply Time www.supplytime.com
The Office Point www.theofficepoint.com
National Office Solutions www.nosi.biz
Office Supply Hut www.officesupplyhut.com
Pacific Office Products www.pacificofficeproducts.com
Patrick & Co www.patrickandco.com
Perfect Output www.perfectoutput.com
Pointer Office Products www.pointerofficeproducts.com
Wildman Business Group facilityservices.wildmanbg.com