ICC Business Products, Inc.

ICC Business Products, Inc. began as Indiana Carbon Company in 1930 with its own private formula for carbon paper. ICC has evolved from those humble beginnings into a multifaceted company that meets today’s demanding business needs.Today, ICC is one of the largest distributors of office supplies, office equipment, promotional items and office furniture throughout Indiana and the Mid West. Our distribution network is capable of providing next day delivery throughout most of the United States.

“I wanted to write and express how happy we’ve been with your partnership and with your 7cart eCommerce solution. With our world the way it is, we simply MUST have a great web presence. Having an outdated website does not work to grow your business – particularly in the office products industry.

Being in the office supply industry there are thousands of items, with product additions, deletions, changes, and corrections daily. The way your site connects with your wholesaler to make all these changes for us, in real time, is invaluable! Knowing that I can confidently send customers to our website and explain that we can get whatever they find there, that it will be an easy experience to search and navigate, and knowing there will be more than enough product detail for them gives all of us here a great peace of mind.

Also for those items that we sell that are not stocked by our wholesaler, your solution has proven to be extremely flexible. We can add whatever items we need to.”

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