Managing Your Catalog

Does your current eCommerce provider give you the flexibility you need to manage your catalog the way you want?

With Logicblock, you can easily update, delete, or add items with 7cart’s intuitive program. Your products can be as dynamic or as simple as you want them to
be – it’s completely up to you. Keep everything in order according to manufacturer, type, or even user rating.
7cart also allows batch editing so you can customize more products at one time.


7cart allows you to create categories and subcategories to lay down an ordered hierarchy or
framework that will not only help you, the merchant, to organize products to be sold within the store,
but also to help customers be able to find the products within your store they are shopping for.

Prior to building categories, carefully plan your site such that a shopper will easily know where to
find the product they are looking for and any category names are named properly and provide the proper detail as to what the category contains.

If necessary, break down each category “group” into sub-categories and associate the products to
the sub-categories as well, or another option is not to associate products to a parent category but
only sub-categories. Top sellers could be associated to a parent category only,
and the remaining products could be associated with sub-categories is yet another variation on how
to use categories in your site design.

  • Unlimited Categories: Categorize your products any way you like whether you have 10 products, 10 thousand or 100 thousand.
  • Unlimited Sub-Categories: Create departments and segment your products so customers can easily find what they’re looking for.
  • Built-in Templates: Unlike in other ecommerce solutions, you can have different page layouts for each category and subcategory. This is an amazing feature for merchants who sell different kinds of items on one store.
  • Dynamic Categories: Smart categories update their products when you update your catalog. Create categories to automatically show your latest products, products from specific manufacturers and price ranges.
  • Sort Order for Products in Categories: Arrange your products in categories in any order at any time to help shoppers find what they’re looking for.
  • Automatic Paging: When your categories get large we automatically break them up into pages for easy viewing and searching.
  • Custom Banners: Bring your categories and departments to life with custom banner graphics that set the mood! Easily upload banner images in our intuitive admin interface.
  • Custom Icons: Display categories and departments in your products grids with custom icons.
  • Custom link Categories: Direct users to a defined link and or page.
  • Html Content Before and After Templates: Customize your category pages with your own HTML. Insert flash, product manuals, custom links and more–all from our admin interface!
  • Html Descriptions: Insert your own HTML in your description of categories with our WYSIWYG editor, if you can use a word processor (like Microsoft Word or Apple iWork), you can edit your own website – without programming skills or any additional software programs.
  • Per-Category Meta Tags: Help shoppers find your store with awesome search engine friendly meta tags customized for EACH category. Other carts limit you to the same tag for every page in your store, making it difficult for the search engines to find your categories.
  • Show Count of Items Inside Category: Show customers how many items are in each category of your store.
  • Automatic Breadcrumb Trail: Keep your shoppers from getting lost. Show them a clickable history of how they arrived at each category.


Not only can you have as many products as you can imagine, but 7cart allows you
to fully customize the product pages displayed on your website however you please.
You can even add HTML to their descriptions. You can update your products individually,
or you can update your entire storefront en mass via a spreadsheet.

Individual prices, product descriptions, search results, shipping information, product type,
properties and everything else can easily be changed on a single screen. No more clicking through
countless pages just to change a single detail.

With 7cart, your options are endless. You can customize just about any details you can think of.
It’s like a universe inside of your storefront.

  • Unlimited Products: There are no limitations, you can have as many products as you like!
  • Custom Products: Add your own products to your site to sell along side
  • Built-in Product Templates: Choose from our several product page layouts or easily add your own without custom programming.
  • Clone Products: Copy existing products to make others, saving you time.
  • Customize Product Types and Properties without Programming: Create a rich product catalog by adding information like “author,” “published date,” “movie rating,” “tracklist,” and more. In most other carts this requires expensive custom programming!
  • Product Variations & Modifiers: Products with different options and or pricing.
  • HTML Descriptions: Insert your own HTML in your description of products. Include bolded words, hyperlinks and images for a totally custom experience.
  • Per-Product Meta Tags: Help shoppers find your store with awesome search engine friendly meta tags customized for EACH product. Other carts limit you to the same tag for every page in your store making it difficult for the search engines to find your products.
  • Product Reviews: Let customers or store owners rate your products with 1 to 5 stars and add reviews for your products. Optionally, hide reviews until a moderator approves them.
  • Short/Long Descriptions: Provide one description of your product for the category page and a more detailed description for the product page.
  • Unlimited Images: Product images sell products. Unlike many other carts, add as many as you like. No limits!
  • Image Swap When Choices Change (i.e. size/color): Automatically show the large red shirt picture when a customer selects the large red option. No clicking required with our AJAX enabled product page.
  • Drop Ship from Unlimited Vendors: Assign each product to a warehouse and our intelligent shipping system will automatically figure out the correct shipping cost, even if a customer orders products from different warehouses.
  • Size/Weight Fields: Enter product size and weight for accurate shipping cost.
  • Manufacturer Field: Assign each product to a manufacturer for drop shipping and easy categorization.
  • Vendor Field: Assign each product to a vendor for drop shipping and easy categorization.
  • Minimum Quantity: Require customers to order at least a minimum amount of any product. Great for customized orders like business cards and calendars.
  • Activate/Deactivate: Turn products off temporarily while you update them or before they’re ready to go on sale.
  • MSRP (list price): Display suggested retail price for your products if your price is lower. We’ll automatically calculate the savings and display them to your customers.
  • Site Price: Set your store price lower than MSRP.
  • Site Cost: Set your internal cost to keep track of profitability. Coupons can be set to never go below your cost.
  • Tax Exempt Option: Easily mark items as tax exempt.
  • Tax Classes: Easily group products for tax rules. For instance, set food products to one set of tax rules and apparel to another.
  • Cross-Sells: Easily promote accessory products and add-ons.
  • Up-Sells: Easily offer upgraded replacement products before the customer gets to the shopping cart.
  • Auto Suggest Cross-Sells: Automatically display “customers who bought this also bought.”
  • Inventory Tracking By Variants: Unlike most other ecommerce shopping carts, keep track of inventory for products with size, color, and other variations. When you run out of small, red t-shirts, the software can automatically remove it from the store.
  • Custom Descriptions, Images, SKUs for Variants: Unlike most other ecommerce software solutions, set different prices, pictures, descriptions and more for each size, color, or variation of a product.
  • Minimum Advertised Price Support (i.e. add to cart for price): Hide prices until customers add them to their carts. Display a text message on product and category pages.
  • Import and Export (Bulk edit/add): Easily export all of your products and import with global changes. This is also a great way to get started with 7cart!
  • Volume Pricing: Set various selling cost for products sold in bulk.
  • Restricted and Private Products: Limit or hide certain products from customers.
  • Internal product notes: Add notes about a product that only admin users can see.