Marketing and PromotiONS

Logicblock offers a diverse range of functionalities designed to help achieve your eCommerce marketing and promotional goals.

Discounts and coupons

With our system, you can create and customize your own sales or promotions based on a wide range of parameters you prefer. These options include:

  • Buy One Get One deals
  • Complimentary Promo Item
  • Free Shipping
  • Total Order Discount
  • And a host of others

The discount value can either be a fixed monetary amount, such as a reduction of $10.00, or a percentage decrease, like 20% off. The duration of the coupon’s validity, including the start and end dates, can be determined by you. You can allocate these discounts to individual products, entire product categories, shipping costs, or total orders, among other possibilities. Furthermore, these discounts can be directed towards specific customer roles.

Logicblock caters to a variety of discount structures, including tiered pricing for bulk purchases, “N times only” discounts, and “N times per customer” discounts. It also allows for diverse discount prerequisites such as “Customer must have one of these items in their cart” or “Customer must have spent a certain amount”.

Related products

Displaying related products is a great tool to upsell while customers browse a product page or before they check out.

Loyalty Points Program

Our program enables you to provide points based on purchases made in your storefront. These accumulated points can then be applied to shopping carts

Gift cards

Whether running a brick-and-mortar store or an online platform, gift card functionality is a necessity for every retailer. Logicblock accommodates two varieties of gift cards: email-delivered gift cards (virtual) and traditional gift cards dispatched via postal service (physical).

Product reviews and ratings

Product reviews function as an invaluable form of marketing. Inviting customer feedback not only empowers your customers but also provides insights for potential customers regarding your product quality. Logicblock incorporates a feature for assessing review helpfulness, querying users with “Was this review helpful to you?”.

Affiliate program

Logicblock supports affiliate marketing, a performance-based strategy where store owners reward affiliates for each customer they direct to the store through their marketing initiatives.

Additional extensions

Beyond its built-in features, Logicblock also offers compatibility with numerous other marketing tools, providing extended functionality.