Drive business to your site using our suite of tools.

Secure and Flexible Checkout

Enhance customer loyalty through Logicblock’s straightforward and secure checkout process. Boost your site’s traffic using our suite of tools while ensuring that customers will return.

Provide product reviews on each item. Determine recommendations for customers based on their current product interests. Implement sales and promotions through the use of promo codes, and incentivize repeat customers with your personalized reward points system.

Dynamic Shopping Carts

Prevent shopping cart abandonment on your website with our robust cart feature. Whenever a customer adds an item to the cart, the details are recorded on the administrative side of the website, granting you access whenever required. This information can be employed to re-engage with the customer, dispatch emails regarding abandoned carts, and more.

Through our cross-sell and up-sell capabilities, you can effortlessly suggest supplementary products directly on the shopping cart page. You have the convenience to select which products to recommend.

Shopping Cart Preview

In a bid to enhance the shopping experience for your customers, we’ve implemented a feature that allows them to preview their cart. With a simple mouse-hover over the cart icon, shoppers can instantly view the items they’ve added, providing a seamless and efficient browsing experience.

Fast & Fuss-Free Shopping with Anonymous Checkout

Our anonymous checkout feature ensures a seamless shopping experience for customers. New shoppers can enjoy a speedy checkout process without the hassle of creating an account or setting a password. Experience shopping made quick and easy.

One-Page Checkout

Streamlining the checkout process for your shoppers should be a top priority. Our one-page checkout feature significantly minimizes the steps involved, simplifying the entire process. Research demonstrates that this simplification enhances conversion rates, resulting in increased revenue and a higher degree of shopper satisfaction.

Checkout Attributes

Our adaptable checkout system empowers you to present an array of options to your customers. Provide services including delivery & install, gift wrapping, personalized messages to orders, and more! 

Third Party Payment Options

In addition to selling on account, empower your customers with the choice to proceed with a traditional checkout, entering their credit card details, or to utilize one of our integrated third-party solutions like Amazon Pay or PayPal Express.