Orders, Purchasing and Tracking

Robust and flexible order management, purchase processing, and fulfillment capabilities.

All your orders in one place

Give your customers the ultimate smooth ordering experience – no login hassle! They’ll love the convenience. Plus, you get email alerts the moment an order drops. And the best part? They can swiftly sift through orders by date and status, making viewing and tweaking orders super easy.

  • Streamline the ordering process – customers can place orders without logging in.
  • Get real-time email notifications for every new order.
  • Effortlessly sift through orders by date and status for quick viewing and editing.

One-click transmissions

Transmit orders to your suppliers by clicking one button. Get back instant acknowledgements and advanced shipping notifications uploaded directly into our system. Get your products to your customers lightning fast. 

  • Create all sales orders online
  • Multi-Vendor Line item sourcing
  • One click order transmission with automation
  • Shipping and Tracking automatically updated on websites and sent to customers
  • Dropship orders to your customers or have them sent directly to you for your own delivery
RetriEve orders from anywhere

Receive orders from almost any platform – Amazon, Walmart, GSA, Punchout, etc. Orders go directly into your order manager to be fulfilled and processed by you. 


  • Compare purchasing costs across multiple accounts*
  • Purchasing integrations with multiple wholesalers

Order Manager

Simplify your order management. You can automatically send out order emails, organize orders by several criteria, and even flag suspicious orders. Streamline the entire process or be as hands-on as you want; it’s all up to you.

Our Order Manager allows you to view your order history as far back as you’d like to look. Each purchase order and invoice has a separate ID so that you can easily filter through and find whatever you need. The advanced filter feature allows you to easily sift through Payment, Shipping, Transmission, Order Status and Sort Order.

Order History

Customers can easily log in and see their order history as far back as their first order. Simplified re-ordering with favorites lists and product lists makes their process easy.

Shopping Carts

Any time a customer adds an item, our system creates a shopping cart. This shopping cart can be viewed by you in the admin side of the website, from which you can apply discounts, send quotes, add items or follow up with the customer to remind them to check out. 

Order Exporter

Easily export order info such as Order Number, line items, costs, selling prices and more into a spreadsheet to be reviewed or imported into another system. Lose no information.

Shipping Automation

With our integrated suppliers, live shipping and tracking information is automatically loaded onto your orders and sent to your customer. For custom vendors, this information can be easily imported onto your orders with a spreadsheet. 

Batch Update Orders

Update single orders or many orders at once with our batch update feature. Use it to transmit to one wholesaler.