Search Engine & Mobile Optimization Features

Most of your ecommerce visitors view and shop from their smartphones


Logicblock eCommerce sites are fully responsive and mobile-ready, by default.

Responsive means the design and elements of the site will adjust to present the most accommodating layout for the device being used. This happens automatically.

A streamlined version of the site will be visible to anyone visiting on their mobile device. Customers will be presented a responsive layout without being redirected to a different URL.  The mobile site and the desktop site share one unified, fully responsive theme. 



For eCommerce store owners, loading speed is crucial as it impacts user experience and conversions.
Online shoppers tend to abandon slow pages, leading to lower conversion rates and measurable revenue loss. Loading speed also affects search engine rankings, with faster sites ranking higher on platforms like Google. Therefore, eCommerce store owners must use a platform that facilitates faster loading speeds to drive customer engagement and purchases.

Don’t let your potential sales slip away because your provider is giving you a slow website. Embrace faster website performance and see how your eCommerce store flourishes with enhanced user experience and higher conversion rates on Logicblock’s platform.

Remember, Google loves speed too, helping your website rank better in search results. Take action now and transform those casual browsers into committed buyers with your speedy, efficient Logicblock website.


New customers can’t buy from you if they can’t find you! Easily increase your customer acquisitions.

We’ve gone out of our way to make sure our platform is as search engine optimizable as possible.

Every product, category, and information page is its own individual search engine optimizable page customizable with URL rewriting, keywords, content, meta-tags, and more to increase awareness on search engines like Google.

Our eCommerce solution gives you all the tools that you need to be Search Engine Friendly, which leads to increased click through rates and higher ranking in organic search results.

If you need help with your SEO, contact our team to empower your site today.


With decades of experience across the hundreds of clients we’ve worked with, we know and support that the following features play a crucial role in how well your eCommerce store ranks in the Search Engine Results Pages:

  • Independent Navigation Links

  • Independent Page Titles

  • Independent Page URLs

  • Independent Meta Descriptions

  • Independent Image ALT Tags

  • Independent H1 Headings

  • Canonical URLs

  • Integrated Blogging Platform

  • Social Sharing buttons

  • Auto XML Sitemap

  • Use of own Domain Name

  • Your Own IP address

  • 301 redirects

  • Robots.txt Capabilities