Third-Party Payment Apps May Be Hurting your Business 

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After a night out on the town it isn’t unusual to spend some time the next day sending and requesting money from your friends. Apps like Venmo and Square are convenient and popular, particularly when it comes to sending and receiving money from friends and family. But a full-fledged business like yours needs more support and customization than a simple, third-party app can provide.  

The requirements of a business go well beyond what an individual needs to buy an order of fries for the table. Logicblock’s 7cart ecommerce provides you with all the tools you need to build and maintain your online store. While apps like Venmo and Square are certainly capable of providing basic point-of-sale support, Logicblock offers Catalog and Inventory Management, Order and Purchasing Integrations, Content Services, and Fraud Prevention

Third-Party Apps Confuse Your Customers 

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Whenever you include third party applications, you introduce the potential to confuse and frustrate your costumers.  

Say you have a customer shopping in your online store. They have a cart full of goods that they found easily, thanks to your product uploads and integration, and are ready to pay. They click the Check Out button, but instead of reviewing their cart or moving to a confirmation page, your customer is told they must complete the transaction through a third-party app.  

A dozen questions pop into your customer’s head. Do I have to create an account? Will this add fees to my final cost? How long will it take the payment to process? Is it safe to share my information on this site? 

These questions and more may confuse and frustrate your customers and cause them to leave their cart without completing the purchase. Logicblock’s 7cart ecommerce ensures purchases stay in-house so there are never any confusing redirects, logins, or questions about where your money is going. Logicblock even integrates with PayPal Gateway, allowing customers to pay as they normally would without being redirected. 

Third-Party Apps Are Slow

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More than anything else, when it comes to online shopping, customers and businesses alike expect one thing: speed. It should take as few clicks as possible to make a purchase, track a sale, or transfer funds.  

Third party apps can slow everything down. They often redirect customers to their websites, requiring customers to log in to the app before allowing them to make the purchase on your page. This creates too many opportunities to lose your customer. Basic point of sales apps like Square and Venmo don’t have integrated inventory management, requiring you to track purchases elsewhere. And when it comes to money, third-party sites can take days to process and move money into your accounts. 

Logicblock keeps the purchasing process humming along with our integrated tools and financial data analytics. 

Logicblock Saves Money By Bundling Services

Every business wants to save money. One of the simplest and most effective ways to cut costs is to bundle services together. You bundle your cable and internet at home to save money, why not do the same with your business? Logicblock’s 7cart eCommerce integrated tools handle invoices, payment schedules, accounts payable, and more, all while providing point of sales services for your online store. Your business needs an eCommerce site. There’s no reason to spend money on a third-party service when Logicblock has everything you need. In fact, if your business uses Logicblock, you may already have these tools at your fingertips.  

Logicblock Automates Workflow to Save Time

No one ever sat at their desk and thought “How can I complicate my workflow?” but that’s exactly what using third-party apps can do to your online business. Clicking back and forth between windows, importing and uploading data, reformatting and editing are all time wasters and easy ways to make mistakes. Not only does Logicblock centralize your data, but our eCommerce tools are automated, streamlining your workflow and saving you time. 

Not Just for Big Business

Services like Square or Venmo may seem like the only options for a small business, but with Logicblock’s multiple pricing options you can find the plan that fits you best. Big or small, Logicblock will build the perfect storefront to meet your needs and grow your business.