Why Your Small Business Needs An Ecommerce Site

If there’s anything COVID-19 taught businesses, it’s the need for a digital presence. Those who did not have an eCommerce store floundered, either scrambling to put one together or hoping they survived being shut down without sales. 

But the benefits for opening an eCommerce store go far beyond the current crisis. They also allow you to boost your sales, expand your reach and have more control over your business. 

Don’t get caught unprepared…this is why your business needs an eCommerce site (now more than ever). 

24 Hour Shopping (Sell While You Sleep) 

Online stores aren’t limited by hours or availability. Sure, you need to do the background work to build a website, establish your brand and promote it via social media channels, but once you have a customer base for your eCommerce store, you can sit back and watch the products sell themselves 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

 Expands Customer Base 

Expand Your Customer Base

Ecommerce stores instantly grow your customer base well beyond your geographic location. Even the best in-person retailers are limited by how many people are around them, and how far others are willing to travel to get to them. Once you place products online, you’ll be able to reach anyone in your delivery zone, whether that’s statewide or global. In theory, you can reach anyone in the world that has access to the internet if you want to. The possibilities are endless. 

More Control 

One of the most frightening aspects of COVID-19 for retailers were the shutdowns. There was no clear answer about when (or if) stores would be allowed to re-open. In the digital world, you’re not limited by zoning laws or the latest political/public health crisis. When your business is online, you decide: when to open, close and how every aspect of your business operates.  

Lower Overhead 

Lower Overhead

Transferring your business out of a brick and mortar and over to an eCommerce store can save you a considerable amount on expenses. Rent, utilities and excess staffing can all be cut completely, leaving you with the bare necessities to run your business. This savings can help you to lower costs for your customers in turn, lowering prices for eCommerce products vs. the ones in your store. 

Ecommerce stores offer unlimited flexibility and access to the most expansive consumer base in the world. Whether you keep a physical retail store or not, an eCommerce store is an asset you can’t afford to work without.