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What Is Branding & How Does It Help Business Growth?

The word “branding” gets thrown around constantly these days. But what exactly is branding, and why do we need it?

What Is A Brand?

Your brand is the personality of your company. It’s not just the look of the business but also the feel of it. When customers or clients walk away from an experience with your brand, do they think that it was fun? Easy? Thoughtful? Energizing? These are all adjectives that can be used to describe your brand.

A customer might not know why they have a certain impression of your brand, but for a well-branded company that doesn’t matter. When done well, a brand is memorable and speaks directly to its audience.

Components Of A Brand

Branding is the overarching word that includes the business’s: voice, aesthetics, values and appearance. There are many aspects of a brand to consider, but mostly, it should align with what you want the company to be and who you want to attract as customers. Everything else should follow those two decisions.

Building A Brand

Ok, so if a brand is the part of your business that makes it unique, how exactly do you structure that? Unlike our own personality’s there are many ways to control company traits. These examples are great to begin and build off.

  1. Know Your Audience: You cannot build a brand without knowing who it is your branding for. Start with basic questions: how old is your ideal customer? Are they a certain gender? What do they do for a living? What is their income? These answers will help you decide who you are selling to and then, how to market to them.
  2. Branding voice and tone: This style should determine how everything is written for your company, including the topics you choose for an eCommerce blog. Some ideas for this are:
    a. Professional (For those working with higher level execs)
    b. Light and fun (If you’re targeting millennials or younger customers)
    c. Technical (For experts in their field or companies selling to experts)
    d. Warm & open (Great for wellness & lifestyle centered brands).
  3. Colors, fonts & visuals: The look of your brand should match everything else. If you are an eCommerce store that sells yoga products, the colors you choose might be softer and more soothing than if you are selling tech equipment. The font, photos and graphics should follow this same format.

Brand Awareness

At the end of the day, brand awareness is just another term for marketing. Once you’ve defined who you want to be as a business, you need to make others aware of it. Create social media posts with graphics in your brand’s colors and captions in the “voice” of your company and build out promotional materials and events that work with the vision you have for your brand.

Ultimately, your brand is going to be a changing, evolving part of your business model. It should feel true to you and the goals you have for your company. As those change and grow, so will your brand and your business.

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