Top eCommerce Blogs That Should Be On Your Radar

Want to become a successful online seller? Get reading! eCommerce blogs are a great way to learn about all the latest and greatest (and not-so-greatest) tools, news, and trends. They are also a good way to remind yourself you are not alone in facing the challenges of an ever-shifting landscape filled with more and more clutter and competition every day.  

Invest time in reading about your industry and your platform if you want to be prepared to navigate the obstacle course that is eCommerce, all while remaining ahead of the curve. Here are a few blogs that we at Logicblock read regularly in our mission to help us best serve our ecommerce customers

Practical eCommerce

The name pretty much says it all. Practical eCommerce publishes tons of detailed articles, guides, webinars, and podcasts for online merchants, exclusively featuring original pieces authored by experienced and reputable professionals. In their mission to offer valuable insights to audiences, every submission is meticulously scrutinized for accuracy, concision, and readability. Check out their blogs on B2B, advertising and marketing, design, and development. 

Checkout their blogs: Practical Ecommerce

eCommerce CEO 

Ecommerce CEO is the ideal destination for those seeking to enhance their online business. From dropshipping to business insurance to how to sell on Amazon, this site dissects every eCommerce concept that can aid in scaling up your business. Its top-notch insights cover the basics of building an eCommerce business from scratch, including crafting a robust business plan for startups and determining the best niche ideas for your online store.  

Checkout their blogs: Ecommerce Ceo

eCommerce Fuel 

This site boasts the world’s best community for online sellers, and for good reason. Content contributions come from over 1,200 seasoned entrepreneurs who’ve made 7 and 8 figures with their businesses. They offer insightful and timely blogs, podcasts, and trend reports on marketing topics such as copywriting, marketing strategies, building your eCommerce business, email marketing, and more.   

As a note, while the blogs are free, this site charges a membership fee for access to perks like their discussion forum, proprietary software, member directory, invitation-only meetups, and members-only discounts.   

Checkout their blogs: The eCommerceFuel Blog

The eCommerce Times (ECT) News Network

ECT is one of the most esteemed and extensively read business and technology news sources of the digital era. This renowned e-business and technology news publisher consistently churns out up-to-the-minute news coverage and comprehensive industry analyses. Their audiences consist of influential purchasing decision-makers who rely on ECT for timely updates on the latest developments in the business and tech industry, along with insightful and dependable analysis. 

     Topics covered include: 

    • Topics covered include: 
    • E-Commerce and E-Business 
    • Information Technology (IT) 
    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 
    • Cloud Computing 
    • Internet Trends 
    • Enterprise Networking 
    • Internet and Network Security 
    • Mobile Devices and Wireless Technologies 
    • Mobile Commerce (M-Commerce) 
    • Linux and Open Source 
    • Operating Systems 
    • Tech Stocks & Financial Deals 

    Checkout their blogs: ETC News

    A Better Lemonade Stand 

    This cleverly named weekly newsletter offers insights, trends, tools, and opportunities for building profitable online businesses by leveraging AI, no-code, and automation, among other things. The site also covers topics that might not be front of mind when discussing eCommerce, but are nonetheless vitally important for eCommerce success, Case in point, one blog is called Product Photography: The Ultimate DIY Guide in 2022, which focuses on the necessity of great product photography for selling your products and services, plus DIY hacks on how to do it yourself. For more ideas on ways to improve your storefront content, check out Logicblock’s blog

    Checkout their blogs: A Better Lemondade Stand


    Ecomsutra provides content that equips readers with comprehensive knowledge of eCommerce tools and services, enabling them to make informed decisions and utilize them to their fullest potential. Content is broken down into blogs, best picks, and how tos, and topics covered include marketing, SEO, conversion rate optimization, finance and accounting, store management, and customer service.

    Checkout their blogs: ECOMSUTRA BLOG

    Influencer Marketing Hub Blog 

    nfluencer Marketing Hub offers cutting-edge tactics and trends in influencer marketing for ecommerce. Their blog features extensive analyses of the direct-to-consumer industry news. They also offer a range of free tools in their Influencer Resource Library to help enhance your influencer marketing game. These include the Instagram Influencer Earnings Calculator, Instagram Follower Growth Tracker, Micro-Influencer vs Celebrity Engagement Calculator, YouTube Calculator, TikTok Engagement Calculator, and many more. 

    Checkout their blogs: Influencer Marketing Hub

    eCommerce CEO Blog 

    Just getting started in the world of eCommerce? This blog will be your best friend. eCommerce CEO covers all the fundamentals you need to know to create an eCommerce company. They even offer an incredibly useful guide on customer loyalty programs.  

    Their blogs focus on three top areas of eCommerce: 

    • Step-by-step info for building your online store  
    • Platform, tools, and software reviews  
    • Marketing tips and tricks for boosting conversions and sales 

    Checkout their blogs: eCommerce CEO

    Think Outside the Box

    Also, don’t spend all your time focusing on a single viewpoint. Reading content that reflects the customer’s experience can open your eyes to potential blind spots as well as help you fine-tune your business model. For example, Oracle offers an excellent customer experience blog that features the latest in CX strategy, technology, and innovation.  

    Another tip is to seek out some blogs dedicated to your product and services niche. It’s always useful to find out what other brands in your corner of the industry are doing.  

    Staying up to date with the latest trends is essential in the constantly evolving field of ecommerce. To stand out from the competition and boost sales, it is crucial to be aware of the latest buzz, and blogs provide an excellent way to do so. Hope these suggestions come in handy for you! 

    Want to keep your eCommerce site competitive and up to date?