How To Launch Your First Ecommerce Store

Whether you’re a small business looking to sell your products online or you’re building a business from scratch, launching your first eCommerce store is easier than you think. With a few simple steps and some thoughtful planning, you can have eCommerce store live and ready for sales in an instant.  

Build Your Site 

Website Build

Logicblock makes it easy to build a new eCommerce site no matter your skill level. We offer custom design and development services to turn your vision into a reality, or free support guides and documents if you’d rather DIY your site. No matter which you choose, you’ll have the tools you need to build a brand new website from the ground up.  

Establish A Brand 

Branding is your business “voice,” and you’ll need it to communicate with your customers. This step is too often overlooked leaving businesses scrambling to figure it out later. Connections lead to sales (even if they’re made down the road) and branding builds connections, helping your business to grow right from the beginning. 

Source Products 

Start researching who has the best products in the best price point. You can do this later, but it’s easier to build your store with the end result in mind. If you’re not sure what you’re going to sell yet, that’s ok too. You can try out different products and set different prices to see what best fits your (and your future customers’) needs. 

Launch Your Site 

Everything has been purchased, your marketing plan is in full swing and your site is up and running…now all you have to do is hit go! Follow a pre-launch check list (to make sure you don’t miss any crucial steps) and watch as your site goes from an idea, to reality.  

Share Your eCommerce Store 

Launched Website

Publishing your eCommerce site is as quick as pushing a button, but growing it is another thing altogether. Make sure you blast your new site across social media channels and spread it around to your contacts. If you don’t have any professional contacts yet, send it to family and friends. Don’t overthink this step too much, the most important thing is to get your site out to as many people as possible and letting it grow from there. 

Logicblock’s easy-to-use platform was made to host eCommerce stores. We have the experience and technology to get your first eCommerce store launched and making sales ASAP.  

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