Use Zendesk to Optimize Your Business’s Customer Service

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Customer relationships are the cornerstone on which all successful businesses are built. Make customer service a business priority by coupling your Logicblock website with Zendesk’s Customer Relationship Management software, Zendesk Sell. Zendesk creates customer service solutions for online businesses like yours. With customizable software that works out of the box and scales with your business, Zendesk Sell “gives your team what they need so your customers get what they want.” If you use Logicblock to optimize your website, then use Zendesk to maximize your Customer Relationship Management.  

Support Customers Through Multiple Touchpoints

A successful business offers customers many ways to get in touch. Whether through your website, email, phone, or social media, Zendesk tracks all your communication together, making it easy to stay on top of customer requests. Zendesk Sell will even take social media comments and turn them into customer service tickets automatically, streamlining your workload and maximizing your response rate. Wherever they are, your customers will always be able to get in touch. 

Customer Self-Service Options

While your team may not always be available to customers, your business should be. Zendesk has the tools to help your customers, and even help customers learn from each other. To keep your customers in touch 24/7, Zendesk can create: 

Online Help Centers

Online Help Centers allow you to write and publish articles about your business directly to the platform. Then, Zendesk will recommend relevant articles to customers, giving them the tools to help themselves while freeing your agents to serve other customers.  

Community Forums 

While Help Centers allow customers to help themselves, Community Forums allow customers to help each other. A well-organized Forum enables customers to share tips, tools, recommendations, and individual experiences. 

AI Powered Chat Bots

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Zendesk’s AnswerBot, an AI Powered Chat Bot, can answer simple questions or redirect customers to relevant articles in the Help Center. AnswerBot also gathers information from customers, creating service tickets for agents so they can help answer the big questions. Learn more about how Logicblock sites support chatbots and how we can help you create an engaging user experience with chatbots


Analyzing data does not have to be complicated. With Zendesk Sell’s prebuilt dashboards you can simply and easily track industry standards, identify gaps in service, and discover the patterns of your customer’s needs. From your customer satisfaction rating to your busiest time of day, Zendesk will help you track and analyze the data that keeps your business rolling.  

Apps and Integrations

On its own Zendesk Sell is a powerful customer service tool, but Zendesk’s app marketplace allows you to customize and link to over 1200 apps and prebuilt integrations. Zendesk works seamlessly with your favorite:  

  • IT Tools  
  • Sales CRMs 
  • Marketing Automation Systems 
  • Payment Platforms 

From Slack and Shopify to Mailchimp and Salesforce, Zendesk effortlessly integrates your favorite third-party software. 

Open-Source Platform

If you can’t find the program you are looking for in the App Marketplace, or just want a more hands-on approach, Zendesk’s internal engine Sunshine is an open-source program that allows for an enormous level of customization. With built-in Low Code and No Code tools, you don’t need a team of developers to make use of Zendesk’s open-source coding. Sunshine’s capacity for nearly limitless automation will streamline workflow even further. And with Zendesk’s built-in Data Security, Compliance, and Privacy Tools keeping your systems and data safe, you can focus on supporting your customers and agents.  

For Customers, Zendesk allows you to create interactive, personalized customer service experiences across all channels. 

For Agents, use Zendesk to create a clearer picture of your customer by analyzing siloed data, and maintain a lively workflow with integrated third-party applications. 

Zendesk & Logicblock: A Powerful Pair 

Zendesk’s flexible customer service software and Logicblock’s 7cart ecommerce tools are a powerful combination.  

Logicblock gives you the tools you need to reach customers, showcase your products, and manage your commercial business. Zendesk takes it a step further by empowering your customers and giving them the tools they need to learn about you, reach out to you, and do business with you. 

Together, Logicblock and Zendesk combine to form an irresistible online experience for your customers and your team. With enormous levels of customization and automation, Logicblock and Zendesk are dedicated to giving you, your customers, and your team exactly what you want.