Using Chatbots To Create An Engaging Customer Experience

Using Chatbots To Create An Engaging Customer Experience 

When done properly, chatbots can be an extremely useful tool, connecting your customers with your products and services instantly.  

With the onset of COVID-19, eCommerce is shifting. It has arguably never been more important to provide the best possible user experience for your customers. 

While the most common way to use a chatbot is for customer service, interaction bots work as well. The difference mainly being that with customer service, the bot is trying to troubleshoot a customer’s needs while an interaction bot helps customers to perform an action, like Domino’s bot, which allows customers to order and customize a pizza from start to finish. 

Benefits Of Using A Chatbot

Someone asking a Chatbot for help on their smart phone

Chatbots can reduce your overhead costs and provide immediate results to your customers, among other benefits, like these: 

1. Reduce your customer service costs. 

Think about it, is it better to use automated services with minimal maintenance cost (chatbots) or pay out all of the expenses that come with an employee. While there are many positions that cannot be automated, chatbots can meet some of the needs of your customers for a lot less than a representative.  

2. Connects to customers instantly.  

Chatbots remove any extra seconds, minutes, or hours between your potential customer and their purchase. By engaging with them immediately, instead of letting them sort through your site, you have an opportunity to connect with these customers faster. 

3. Chatbots can be used for specific customer service automation to solve problems quickly. 

For simple tasks, like making a return or finding an answer to a FAQ, chatbots can provide the customer with a solution quickly.  

4. They work 24/7. 

Unless you’re a major corporation, your customer service representatives likely have time off throughout the workday and week. Chatbots, on the other hand, are always available to help a customer. 

Tips for Using A Chatbot:

woman messaging on her laptop

1. Be transparent. According to one study, customers use more direct language when they know they are interacting with a bot. This usually means that they are more clear in their needs, which makes it easier to get them their desired results quickly. 

2. Use links and buttons whenever possible. Users appreciate the convenience of skipping over the “chat” part of a bot and heading straight towards a solution. For example, if you’re aware that many of your potential customers simply want to find your eCommerce store, you can begin each visitor’s experience with a chatbot automating sending a link to your store all before the conversation begins.  

3. Offer an “escape route” back to customer service. When the chatbot can’t understand the user, or it’s a more complex request, they might need to speak to a representative instead. If multiple attempts don’t yield a result in the chat, sending a button, link, or a direct phone number that connects them to a “real person” will show that you’re understanding your customers’ needs. 

4. Add personality. Even when people know they’re speaking to a bot, they don’t necessarily want it to sound like that. Giving the bot a name and a bit of a personal touch can enhance the customer experience even more.  

When used correctly, chatbots are a great tool for enhancing the customer experience on your site. Keep the text simple, engaging, and direct, and you’ll be able to use chatbots to convert visitors into customers.