Partner Spotlight: CartStack’s Recovery Software

Partner Spotlight: Recovering Lost Sales Automatically with CartStack’s Recovery Software

It’s no longer a surprise to hear stats like “75% of the shoppers that add items to their cart will abandon it” or “90% of your website visitors will never take any action”.  

Unfortunately for some of us, cart abandonment is here to stay. We live in a distracting world, where shoppers are constantly inundated with messages and notifications from the outside world.  

But is cart abandonment actually that “unfortunate”? 

Thanks to services like CartStack, we can look at abandoned carts & lost customers a little differently.  

It takes an average of 6-8 touch points before a customer will make the decision to purchase from you. However, customers adding items to their cart is probably one of the best “signals of intent to purchase” an online shopper could possibly give you. 

Translation? Cart abandoners are not a necessary evil, they’re one of your best lead sources!

This perspective is what allowed CartStack to build features that go well beyond traditional cart abandonment campaigns, and address customer retention at all stages of the buyer journey. Using a combination of email, sms & push notification recovery campaigns, and pairing them with on-site retention tools, CartStack sends the “right message at the right time” to help our Logicblock users recover around 15-20% of otherwise-lost sales. 

Recovery Campaigns vs. On-Site Retention Campaigns 

With CartStack, you have the option of deploying a wide range of tools, with different goals. 

Multi-Channel Recovery Campaigns like cart & browse abandonment emails, SMS text message reminders, and push notifications are perfectly timed personalized notifications that are aimed at reengaging and recovering abandoning customers. 

On-Site Campaigns use exit intent technology & real-time form field tracking to capture email addresses from anywhere on your website, as they’re being typed, to boost your conversion rate and lower your cart abandonment rate. 

Cart Abandonment Email Campaigns 

As the main revenue driver for CartStack users, abandoned cart emails remarket to your hottest leads directly in their inbox with automated & personalized messaging that encourages conversion. A/B split test email content to find the perfect messaging, and even recommend similar products for quick upsells & cross-selling.  

Browse Abandonment Email Campaigns 

Send reminders to your window shoppers to encourage reengagement with your brand & generate sales from website visitors who don’t add anything to their shopping cart.  

SMS Text Reminder Campaigns 

Your potential customers are on their phones for an average of 5.4 hours a day – SMS recovery messages enable you to meet your audience on a platform they’re already holding in their hand, increasing the likelihood of your message being seen, opened, and read. SMS reminders are unignorable, and the best way to stand out from the email inbox. 

Web Push Notifications 

Push Notifications are clickable on-screen messages that remind, re-engage, return, and recover lost customers, without the need for an email capture. CartStack’s push notifications target both abandoned carts and browse abandoners (window shoppers) – allowing you to maximize your lead pool to recover the most revenue possible from your website visitors.  

Exit Intent Popups 

The instant a shopper shows signs of trying to leave your site, you can abruptly display a popup with an enticing offer, newsletter subscription, contest or discount incentives to disrupt their exit and/or drive leads for your email campaigns.  

Real-Time Notifications 

Immediately receive enriched contact reports on your abandoners, including contact information, links to social profiles, known organizations, and the items your shoppers abandoned. Use these to keep a finger on the pulse of abandonment activity on your site, send abandoned leads to sales staff, or add a personal touch to your recovery efforts. 


Zapier lets you easily connect CartStack to your other marketing tools for automated contact, data & workflow management! 

Losing too many customers? Let CartStack get them back! 

CartStack’s plug & play simplicity makes launching a high-converting recovery campaign quick & painless. Not only that, but when you sign up for a free 14 day trial, you’ll also get our $1,000 guarantee – Meaning that if you don’t recover at least $1k in 14 days, you’ll continue using CartStack for free until you do! No credit card or commitment required to get started.