How To Use Videos To Engage and Convert

How To Use Video To Engage and Convert

Why Use Video? 

Video is a powerful tool for businesses for multiple reasons. For starters, consumers are more drawn to visuals as they are more eye-catching and easily digestible. With many people buying items online, having video functions and features is a recommended strategy to attract new customers. Here are some methods in which video can enhance your conversion and engagement. 

Increasing Your Marketing Strategy 

If you’re not utilizing video into your business, you may very well be missing out on profit and engagement. Research has shown that many people are watching video content highlighting brands, product walk-throughs, and reviews. Visuals are known to increase the time one spends on your website and boost your ranking in search engines as well. The visual component is key to attracting business these days and having video as an active part of your marketing strategy is crucial to maintaining engagement. 

Showcasing Your Product 

When shopping online, many miss tangibly seeing or feeling a product. Video, however, can give costumers not only a better handle on what it looks like but how it works as well. Displaying a product in action can go a long way toward enticing consumers. The cross-compatibility of video across social media platforms can strengthen your advertising and reach a wider pool of potential audiences.  

Videos Attract the Mobile User 

With many people buying and shopping via mobile devices, videos are ideal and integrate seamlessly to phones and tablets. Consumers tend to watch videos on Facebook, Tik-Tok, and YouTube daily; by having a video presence you can easily target this demographic. The mobile market also relies heavily on shares which will bring more eyes to your site and products. By tapping into the mobile realm, you are opening yourself up to increased opportunities for engagement.  

How to Start Making Videos 

Now that you’ve heard the benefits of bringing video into your business, it’s time to create some of your own. While making your own visual content can be daunting, there are ways around that. There are affordable platforms and software that can give you the basics and Logicblock has tutorials as well on adding video content to your site. If you’re truly stumped, you can also consider reaching out to a professional video team to create your vision. Logicblock has a partnership with Fortune Web Marketing who house their own video production division, WeStar Productions. Reaching out to services such as these will put you in the right direction when it comes to embracing the visual element.