How Product Photos & Videos Influence Consumer Purchasing

Showing Off Your Product to Consumers

In the business of selling products online, the quality of your product page is a key factor in how well your products perform. While a product’s description will help show what it can do, visuals such and photos and videos also influence shoppers. High quality visuals can directly show shoppers what a product looks like, and if they are impressed with how the product looks they just might buy it.

See why having high quality photos and videos is important, and learn how they directly influence the decisions of online shoppers.

Why Good Photos & Videos Are Beneficial

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Having high quality photos and videos for your products is a necessity for online sellers. Since consumers cannot physically hold a product when shopping online, they can only go off what is presented on the product page. A beautiful photograph of your product can give consumers a good idea of what the product is like, and can influence their decision to buy it. Words can only tell an online shopper so much.

On top of this, videos and photos are easily sharable online, so if someone likes the photos on one of your product pages, they could be shared to other potential buyers. Adding to this, visuals help improve the product page’s overall quality, helping to increase its ranking in popular search engines. Good visuals only benefit online sellers, so having them on your product pages is an absolute necessity.

What Happens Without Good Visuals?

To jump from the previous point, what happens when you do not have good photos or videos on your product page? As mentioned previously, visuals do a much better job of showing off your product than a simple description would. If a product’s photo does not show the item in a good light, consumers may be turned off from purchasing it.

These issues are only elevated if you decide not to have any visuals on your product page. Consumers may like a product’s description, but they might get suspicious if they find out there are no images or videos of the product in question. They might assume you are trying to hide something from them, even if the product itself is top-of-the-line.

It is important to have visuals on your pages, and they need to be of high quality if you want them to positively influence consumers.

Statistics on Product Photos & Videos

Here you can take a look at some specific statistics that show the influence of visuals on a shopper’s decisions. According to JustUno, 93% of consumers consider the visual appearance of a product to be a key factor when making a purchase online. In addition, 59% of senior executives agreed that if a page has both text and a video on it, users will be drawn towards watching the video, according to Digital Information World.

Consumers simply prefer the option to view something visual if they have the option to. According to a 2018 Hubspot survey, 54% of consumers wanted to see more videos from brands they liked. Photos and videos play a major role in whether or not consumers buy particular products, so you need to make sure you show your products off in the best light.

Taking Quality Photos of Products

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Taking high quality photos of your products can be done by following a few simple steps. First, make sure you have a good camera, because the nicer the camera is, the better the pictures will come out. Next, you need good lighting. Consider creating a dedicated lighting setup so you can take professional photographs.

Having a tripod is also handy, since it can help you keep the camera steady as you take the pictures. Finally, try to take your photographs with a white background so nothing distracts from the product itself. With some practice, the quality of your photos will jump up dramatically, and you will be able to entice customers with stunning pictures.

How to Make a Good Product Video

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Incorporating videos is an excellent move for any online seller, since they can show what your products actually do. Making a video is obviously not as easy as taking a picture, but anyone can create pleasing product videos with a little practice. Video cameras work well for creating videos, but if you have a newer smartphone you can use that too. To make a good video, you need to write a strong script that gets across all the important aspects of your product.

Once again, you will need a good lighting setup so you can show off the product effectively. For voiceovers, get someone who can passionately talk about the product in a way consumers will find engaging. Finally, keep your videos short, because if they drag on for too long you might lose the interest of consumers.

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Photos and videos are just two of the elements of a good product page. Want to learn about some of the other key elements?