6 Reasons You Should Use Logicblock’s 7cart Platform for Your Business

An Ideal Platform for Your Online Business

For online sellers, finding the perfect platform to build a store on is crucial. In order to stay competitive, you need a robust platform that can be tailored to suit your industry. Logicblock’s 7cart system offers several advanced features, and can be used to design a site that suits the needs of your business.

Looking to make a switch to a new platform? Please take a few minutes and see why our 7cart platform is a good match for your business.

1. It Helps Distributors & Dealers Stay Connected

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Every company has its own needs, and our 7cart system is designed to accommodate for each of them. For one, the system comes with a number of features that allow distributors to stay connected with their dealers. By using 7cart, you can improve the flow of orders, and get what you need from vendors as quickly as possible.

With our catalog management system, you will get product updates from manufacturers as soon as they arrive. Your online inventory automatically links with vendors’ inventories as well, so you will always know what it is you need to stock up on. And with an easy content delivery service, you can send crucial updates to vendors in a matter of seconds.

To make this possible, Logicblock works with a large selection of partners.

2. You Can Offer Unique Customer Pricing

To build strong relationships with clients, many businesses like to offer unique prices to certain customers. Each client has a different budget to work with, so companies tailor their prices to suit their needs. 7cart comes with a unique pricing system that can help you accomplish this task.

In 7cart, you can apply special price rules for individual customers. This gives them special prices that are tailored around the budgets they have to work with. You can also set the system so customers can find products that will save them money in the long run.

Combine this with our competitive pricing tools, and you have plenty of ways to attract new customers.

3. It’s Tailor-Made for Search Engine Optimization

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Optimizing your content for search engines is essential if you want people to visit your store over your competitors. To help with this, 7cart comes with several features that are tailor-made for search engine optimization. These include the following:

  • Every product has its own product page, complete with product meta-tags.
  • Pages have search-friendly URLs that can be easily customized.
  • An HTML site map is automatically created for each new site.

Working with Logicblock ensures that your content will be found by the right people. All you need is good content and the right keywords.

4. With Responsive Design, Our System is Mobile Ready

Woman Using Her Smartphone to Shop for Things Online

In this day and age, mobile optimization is no longer recommended for online businesses: it’s now essential. This is why we have geared our system around mobile, so you can take advantage of customers shopping on their phones.

When you use the 7cart system, you have the option to create a more streamlined version of your site that is ideal for mobile. All customers have to do is click a single button on the page to switch to this new, responsive design. Customers are free to switch back and forth as they please, and this feature won’t cost you a single cent.

5. We Provide Excellent Security Tools

At Logicblock, security is a top priority. Our hosting service offers triple-strength security, which covers physical security, operational security, and system security. Security previsions deter hackers from attacking your site, and with IP blocking tools you can keep them from ever bothering you again.

In addition, daily backups are made to ensure that your data is never lost in the case of a data wipe. Our servers are able to maintain good traffic levels too, so we can keep you safe from attackers that may try to overload your system. As long as you have a contract with us, we’ll make sure your website never goes down.

6. You Can Migrate Your Customer Data

Are you not happy with your current platform, but are afraid of potentially losing customer data? Fret not, because with Logicblock’s migration services you can migrate your existing data to the new site without losing important data. We support migration for several eCommerce services, including AOSWare, Evolution, GOPD, RedFalcon, ECI/DDMS, and more.

Price rules, customer shopping lists, order histories, address books, and more can be migrated before launch. That way, you and your customers won’t lose important information once your new site goes live. Don’t let the fear of losing data keep you from getting a better platform for your business.

Think Logicblock’s 7cart platform is a good fit for your company? Think about signing up for a free trial today!