At Logicblock, We Focus on Making Things Simple

Running a successful ecommerce site can be a difficult and daunting task. Managing customer relationships is just as important as maintaining accurate inventory, and splitting your energies between customers and paperwork is a recipe for failure. That’s why at Logicblock we strive to keep things simple. By creating all your sales orders in one system, Logicblock’s 7cart ecommerce tools make managing your site as straightforward as possible. In fact, our customers rely heavily on our ability to streamline processes that will in turn increase online sales, make management easier, cut costs, and save the most valuable resource of all: time.

A Common Conversation

At Logicblock we love when customers ask questions because we always have the right answer. Here’s a common question we frequently hear from customers:

“How does Logicblock integrate with my backend or ERP?”

We’re so glad you asked! Here’s how it works:

We Send Sales Orders to the Backend

After a customer places an order on your (beautiful and responsive) ecommerce site, the order information is sent to your backend. This includes all the line item and pricing data associated with the customer’s cart, as well as the customer’s profile information. If the order comes from a returning customer, their info will be mapped to your backend, while new customer information can easily be entered on the fly, creating customer accounts for future use.

The Backend Sends Information Back

After you complete your usual procedures, your backend will send information directly to your site so that you have up-to-date access to:

  • Inventory
  • Shipping Notices (w/Tracking)
  • Payments
  • Order Status

In the end, all sales data is stored online in one easy-to-use system.

Why online?

Occasionally we’ll hear something like:

“What if I have customers who never place an order online?”

Well, let us ask a question in return. Do you manage any customers online? If you answered yes, then it really makes the most sense to manage them all online, where you can easily and accurately update product and pricing information, as well as customer profiles.

Making the switch to online only is easy, even with old-fashioned customers. Your “offline” customers never have to login or even visit your site, but you’ll be able to manage their orders on your site. This process also stores your customer’s information online, for the day when they do decide to access it.

Why All Together?

For your team, keeping your sales orders all in one online system is endlessly beneficial. All the tools you need to manage customers and pricing are already built into your online admin panel. Once your data is imported and configured for Logicblock’s ecommerce functionality, your data will always be available in one easily accessible and centralized location.

Increased online functionality has the added benefit of allowing your company to rely less on your backend programs. With Logicblock, there’s no line of sales reps waiting their turn to use the software, your reps are able to log in and place orders from anywhere.

What Your Customers See

In the end, it’s all about the customer experience. With Logicblock’s sales integrations, your site gives customers clear and instant access to products, pricing, and ordering. After all, what’s an ecommerce site for, if not selling? Customers are also able to build shopping lists, request quotes, view pricing information, and edit their accounts, all with the same ease of use they’ve come to expect from your site, courtesy of Logicblock.

With this robust front end, all your sales orders are created online and imported seamlessly into your backend.

What You See

Behind the scenes your site is just as helpful, informative, and straightforward for you as the front end is for your customers.

To Your Backend

Logicblock’s Sales Orders integration sends information directly to your backend, almost as if you’d typed it in yourself. In fact, our software integrations make the transfer of data even more accurate. This method prevents errors from redundant data entry, saving you time and money while ensuring order accuracy for your customers.

From Your Backend

After you complete your backend procedures, Logicblock enables you to import information to your site, allowing you to more easily track:

  • Inventory
  • Invoices
  • Payments Received
  • Fulfillment/Shipping Notices
  • And More