Product Catalogs – The Key to a Strong Store 

Your eCommerce store is the lifeblood of your business and, in order to remain vital, your store must be flexible to the times. Fortunately for you, it’s never been easier to upload and integrate product catalogs to your online store. Never been easier with Logicblock, that is. 

Product catalogs are essential for ecommerce stores like yours, as they literally stock your shelves and provide customers with detailed product information from prices and images to descriptions and accessories. Product catalogs create an organized and efficient shopping experience for customers and help create a manageable back-end for you.  

Harness the Power of 7cart 

Product catalogs can be difficult to manage and maintain. It takes time, resources, and labor to ensure that all product information is accurate, organized, and timely. If you’re manually updating products one at a time, you are stuck in the past.  

At Logicblock we use our powerful 7cart platform to help manage product catalogs, streamlining the process of uploading and integrating them into your online store. With Logicblock, you can easily manage multiple catalogs, inventory, price changes, and more. 

Catalog Management 

Keeping catalog updates straight can be a full-time job, but our Multi-Vendor Catalog service manages updates automatically, so you never miss a beat. A good vendor is constantly reevaluating their offerings, adding new products and expanding into new product categories. When your vendor updates their information, you’ll be the first to know.  

Inventory & Cost Management 

Global events can cause supply shortages or runs on popular products. Don’t be caught empty handed when customers come looking for the products they need. Logicblock sites automatically sync inventory information, including changes in availability and cost, with distributors. In the unlucky event that your shelves are empty, you can fulfill customer orders directly from your vendors, so customers can always get what they need. This level of automation can also prevent costly errors while increasing processing speed.  

Product Uploads 

It should be clear by now that with Logicblock you are in complete control. Your constantly evolving business can grow and shift in unexpected ways, and to stay on top you must be able to pivot. Our intuitive programming makes it easy and speedy to optimize your store through batch uploading and editing. Adding, deleting, and updating products is simple and fast. This amount of control gives you the ability to organize your site exactly how you want it, presenting the perfect face to your customers while keeping things simple for your employees. 

The Benefits of a Wide Selection 

It’s simple as this: a wide selection of products increases the chances of them finding something they like and are willing to purchase. A wide product catalog also allows customers to better compare different products to find the one that best meets their needs, further increasing the likelihood of them making a purchase.  

With that in mind, more isn’t always better. Yes, a wide inventory can be very advantageous, but flooding your store with random items likely won’t increase sales any more than crossing your fingers. You want to be sure your store is featuring trending products, new additions, and industry standards, all while attempting to maximize ROI. 

Choose a Profitable Industry 

Different products offer different profits. Narrowing your focus to a particular industry can help you more easily discover markets for products with high demand and return. Simultaneously, consider products that transcend industry boundaries, such as cleaning supplies. By offering industry specific needs AND business staples you double your chances of making a sale. 

What are You Passionate About? 

It’s always easier to sell a product you believe in and for which you have a fondness. Your inherent knowledge and natural enthusiasm will be persuasive to customers. A high-quality product will reflect well on your business, as you build reputation and goodwill. Inversely, trying to sell a product you don’t believe in is like pushing a boulder uphill; sweaty work that doesn’t accomplish much.  

Partner Spotlight 

At Logicblock we are proud to partner with dozens of leaders across industries and services from payment processors to fraud protection, shipping to Google web tools. To keep your ecommerce store operating with peak efficiency we partner with high quality wholesalers like: