Customization, Integration, and the Power of 7cart

Are you looking for an easy way to customize and integrate your website or online store with the best ecommerce tools available? Look no further than Logicblock and the power of our 7cart platform! With our easy-to-use customization and integration tools, you can create a unique online store that perfectly fits your business needs. Whether you are setting up a new store, revamping an existing one, or just want to give your online presence a makeover, we have the right solution for you.  

Where Do We Come In? 

Logicblock is an ecommerce software platform that helps you customize and integrate your website and online store with ease. Our goal is to help you reach new customers, increase sales, and scale your business faster.  

That sort of success requires a website with integrated content, ordering, and purchasing services, as well as customizability that puts you in full control of your site. At Logicblock not only is our product user friendly, but we are too. Partnered with us, anyone can quickly create a professional and attractive website humming with the power of 7cart.  

A Peek Inside 7cart 

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7cart is an ecommerce platform designed to help businesses manage their products, inventory, orders, customers, and payments. Our platform allows for easy customization of the look and feel of your website, as well as integration with third-party tools like payment gateways and shopping cart solutions. We provide tools for managing product catalogs, invoices and payments, shipping rules, taxes, and more. As a result, you control every aspect of your store and manage the entire ecommerce process from start to finish. 

Rake in the Benefits 

We don’t offer customization and integrations just because they sound nice. The level of control we are able to offer through our software solutions unlock tangible, measurable benefits to your business.  

Our powerful tools help you create an efficient, attractive, and secure website for your online store. By leveraging the benefits of Logicblock and our 7cart platform, you’ll be able to give your customers the best possible experience while saving time and money in the process. 

Increased Productivity  

A streamlined ordering process with fewer redundancies and more automation gives your team more time to deal directly with customers, or, even better, attract new ones to your business. And don’t worry about “outgrowing” your team or inflating your IT budget. As your business grows your site will grow with it, thanks to Logicblock’s scalability tools. 

Enhanced User Experience  

They say you only get one chance to make a first impression, and at Logicblock we take that seriously. That’s why we work to optimize the shopping experience for your customers by providing you with a responsive website, ready to adapt to any device. Not only will customers be able to reach you no matter where they are, your user-friendly website will make shopping an easy and enjoyable experience, every time. 

Improved Security  

Integrated payment gateways and other security features keep your business and your customers safe by protecting and securing every piece of data throughout the entire process.  You’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re using a secure ecommerce platform; we’ll enjoy having another satisfied customer.  

Cost Savings  

By offering numerous high-quality customizations and integrations we help make the most of your website budget. An effective online store with low overhead and you-can-do-it levels of customization gives your business a savings advantage without sacrificing the quality experience you expect for your customers. 

Integrations – Order & Purchasing 

We provide businesses with powerful ecommerce solutions that allow for efficient and secure online ordering and purchasing. Inventory management tools make it easy to track stock levels, order statuses, and customer details. With intuitive design and a customizable checkout process, we make it easy for customers to purchase products from your business. These powerful integrations ensure that your business runs smoothly and successfully. 

Our Integrated Wholesalers 

At Logicblock our goal is to have the solution to your every problem. That’s why we work to integrate as many partners as possible, for the benefit of your online store. We are proud to partner with the following wholesalers.  

  • Arlington
  • BOX Partners
  • Clover Imaging Group
  • Essendant
  • ORS Nasco
  • Supplies Network
  • Educators Resource
  • S.P. Richards