Social Media Opens Your Store to Everyone 

You’ve built a beautiful ecommerce site ready to deliver high-quality goods and excellent service to…who? You’ve thrown open the doors, but no one is coming through. Where is everybody? 

The fact is, in 2023 you can’t expect customers to just come to your online store. You have to go to them and meet them where they are. And where are they? Two little words with one huge impact: social media.  

Luckily, it’s easier than ever before to build your social media presence, expand your brand awareness, and attract new customers. 

Guide to Picking Your Platform 

Artistic photo showing social media platforms as dice

Social media can be an incredibly powerful tool for online retailers, particularly when it comes to reaching customers on their mobile devices. But it’s important to understand which platform is best for your business. Depending on your industry, you may decide to focus primarily on one platform or invest in multiple profiles.  

By carefully considering which platforms are most likely to reach your target audience, you can make sure that your social media presence is effective. Take some time to research which platforms are best suited for your industry and develop a strategy for how you will use each one to connect with people.  


Facebook is a great choice for any type of business because it has the largest user base of any social media platform, hosting more than 2 billion daily active users as of the end of 2022. Facebook is particularly useful for engaging directly with customers and providing customer service through comments and Facebook Messenger. Facebook also allows you to “boost” posts and turn your content into paid advertisements to reach an even larger audience. 


Instagram has become incredibly popular with businesses interested in targeting a younger demographic than you may find on Facebook. Instagram is great for visual content, making it ideal for showcasing products and engaging with customers through photos and videos. Sharing links on Instagram is a great way to engage and paid advertisements can send users straight to your site without ever leaving the app. 


TikTok is a relatively new platform, but it’s quickly becoming popular among younger audiences. Businesses can use TikTok to create short videos that showcase their brand, products, and services. Content from TikTok often ends up on other social media sites, particularly Instagram, so a well-managed TikTok account can cover several bases. 


Twitter is ideal for providing customer service and getting out the word about promotions and new products quickly. It’s also a great place to join conversations around relevant topics in your industry. Twitter is the number one stop for sharing breaking news about your business. 


LinkedIn is the perfect platform for connecting with other professionals in your field. It’s also an excellent tool for networking and building relationships that can lead to potential business opportunities. A manicured LinkedIn profile lets visitors know you mean business, whether they are hoping to work with you or for you. You may not convert many individual customers here, but LinkedIn connections are just as valuable in the long run.  

Tips for Creating Great Content 

You know your site works great on mobile, thanks to Logicblock’s Responsive Web Design, now it’s time to draw mobile users to your site. It’s not enough to be on social media, you need an active account if you want to attract users, and that means creating content. Scrolling through your favorite social media app can make you feel like your business needs a studio full of creatives to make something worthwhile, but that’s what’s so great about social media! It’s the great equalizer. With just a few tips, you’ll be as likely as the Big Guys to create something special and “go viral.”  

Connect with Your Audience  

This may seem like a No Brainer, but engaging with your customers is the number one rule of social media. Responding to comments, replying to messages, and posting questions to encourage dialogue and meaningful connections are simple and effective ways to reach your audience. That level of person-to-person connection is what makes social media so powerful, and what keeps customers coming back for more!  

Visuals Speak Louder than Words  

People are more likely to engage with visuals than they are with text. Use eye-catching imagery, GIFs, or videos to draw attention to your content and make it more memorable. Dynamic product photos or entertaining videos of the services you provide make great visual content. 

Leverage User-Generated Content 

Encourage customers to share their stories, experiences, and opinions about your brand on social media. User-generated content (UGC) helps to create an emotional connection with your audience, builds trust, and increases engagement. 

Analytics – Social Media’s Hidden Treasure 

You know that knowledge is power, and analytics are a huge tool in acquiring knowledge. Analytics play an important role in helping online retailers understand the success of their social media presence. It’s essential to track the performance of social media campaigns, as well as the engagement of users on each platform. Businesses can then measure the effectiveness of their campaigns and make informed decisions about where to invest their resources. 

Analytics also provide valuable insights into customer behavior by measuring how successful social media strategies are at driving traffic to a website or converting visitors into customers. This allows businesses to optimize their strategies and make sure they’re getting the most out of their efforts.