Instagram Tools You Can Use to Advertise Your Business

Using Instagram for Marketing

Social media platforms can be used to improve brand awareness, and to market your online business to a wider audience. At the moment, one of the most popular social media platforms is Instagram.  Online sellers have found success here, primarily because the idea of sharing images online complements the process of selling products online. To enhance the platform, developers have built additional tools for sellers to use in conjunction with Instagram to reach larger audiences.

Take some time to learn about how these tools can help your business.

Enlight Photofox


The key to successful marketing on a platform like Instagram is to showcase your products in the best light possible. Even if you are a master photographer, there is more you can do to enhance your photos before you upload them to your account. One tool you can use to do this is the Enlight Photofox app from Lightricks Ltd.

By uploading photos to the app, you can edit them right on your phone. Make photos more artistic by editing individual layers and adding some special effects. You can even blur out certain objects in the background if you think that they could distract users from the product you want to display. By using this tool you can make your great photos even better.


An important part of running any social media account is finding the optimal time to upload a post. If you ship products across the country, you have to factor in differing time zones, since some people may not be up to read your post and will not go back to find it. Formerly known as Latergramme, Later is a tool you can use to schedule your posts more effectively.

Using Later, you can schedule your posts ahead of time so they go out at the exact time you want. Not only that, the program allows you to see what your future posts will look like before they go out, allowing you to catch any mistakes before they go live. Later has a basic plan you can try for free, so give it a shot to see if it helps you with planning your Instagram schedule.


People Using Smartphones

If you are having trouble keeping track of your Instagram analytics, the Iconosquare app is a great tool to use. By using the app’s analytic technology, you can track the real-time performance of your posts, as well as your follower growth. You can also see how other factors, such as hashtags, can affect engagement with your followers.

Even better, you can use Iconosquare to compare your performance with competitors in your market. If you find that you are falling behind, you can use the information gathered to make proper adjustments to future posts. With this analytics app, you should see a strong improvement to your performance on Instagram.

Hashtagify (Instagram Version)

Hashtags are powerful tools for online marketing, since people can use them to see items associated with popular trends. Adding a good hashtag to one of your posts can help you direct a lot more traffic to your profile, and to your storefront from there. If you are having trouble finding a strong hashtag to include, you should consider using Hashtagify.

Originally developed for Twitter, this powerful search engine was later expanded for use with Instagram. By typing in a single word related to your brand or products, the system will search for all the trending hashtags associated with them. You can then incorporate these hashtags to help your post get in front of as many people as possible.

The app was recently enhanced as well, and now you can use it to track how many conversions your posts are getting with the new hashtags.

With these tools at your disposal, you should see a healthy amount of activity on your Instagram profile.

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