The Importance of Loyalty: Crafting the Perfect Rewards Program

The Importance of Loyalty: Crafting the Perfect Rewards Program

Loyalty is Key in eCommerce

A key component of selling products online is enticing shoppers to buy from you multiple times. Research has shown that the majority of your sales come from customers who frequently visit your storefront, so keeping them happy should be a top priority. A smart way you can keep people around is to offer an effective loyalty program, since this will provide shoppers with an incentive to shop from you again in the future. Use this guide to learn the essential elements that make up a strong loyalty program.

Setting Your Goals

Planning a Strategy

Like with any business strategy, you need to define the goals you want to accomplish with your loyalty program. First, review the shopping habits of the all your customers. This includes people who shop from you frequently, and people who have only shopped from you once. This will help you get a better idea of what people are looking for from your business, allowing you to figure out what you want to do with your loyalty program.

Perhaps you trying to convince regular customers to buy bigger orders when they visit your online store. Maybe you want to see if you can sell different types of products to people who only buy specific items. Of course, there is the chance that you are simply trying to get people to come back to your store to buy more products.

By having defined goals it will be much easier to develop a streamlined strategy for your loyalty program.

Selecting Rewards to Give

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When it comes to designing a loyalty program, selecting the actual rewards is one of the most important tasks. These rewards are what will entice customers to shop from you again in the future, so you need to put a lot of time into selecting them. From digital items to physical items, there are a lot of options you can choose from.

Discounts are among the most common loyalty rewards, since people enjoy saving money when they shop. You could also send special care packages that contain some helpful products. You can even reward people with points that can be exchanged for money they can use on future orders. However, one of the best things you can do is offer exclusive privileges, such as the ability to buy special new products before the general public can.

Different customers will be looking for different incentives, so being able to offer a decent selection of rewards will make your program more enticing.

Give People Options to Earn Rewards

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One of the best things you can do with a loyalty program is to give customers plenty of options in regards to getting discounts and other rewards. Every person has their own shopping habits, so limiting the ways people can use your program will limit its appeal. Of course, you need to give rewards to people who buy your products, but there are other ways to reward loyal customers.

If you offer points through your loyalty program, allow customers to earn them by engaging with other parts of your brand. Give points to customers who follow your social media accounts, watch your videos, and sign up for your online newsletter. If you make it easy for people to earn rewards, then your program will be much more interesting.

Keep Your Explanations Simple

It is important to keep things simple when working with online programs, and this is no exception when it comes to explaining how your loyalty program works.

Your customers might not immediately grasp the value of your program, so you will need to set up a small page with a description of how your program works. The key here is to explain the basics of your program in a way that anyone can grasp quickly. Highlight the biggest benefits, and give a brief look at how people can quickly reap the rewards you are offering.

On a similar note, you need to make the sign-up process quick and easy as well. Online shoppers do not always have a lot of patience, so if it takes too long to sign up then people probably will not join your program. Only ask for the information you absolutely need, and avoid building out a massive sign-up form.

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