Power From Knowledge: Site Search Analytics

Power from Knowledge: Site Search Analytics

Information is power. Search boxes can help your customers navigate your site, find what they want, and purchase it quickly. Not only does it help the user find what they’re looking for, but it can also help narrow down what you want to show them, as you are able to segment your products to cater to that specific customer.  

You can break down the site search analytics to show user search results: popular searches (what they want), filter usage (how they find it), and click through rate (what they do when they find it).  

The Numbers 

Up to 30% of site users use a search box when one is offered to them and that can count for up to 45% of revenue. Not only that, but 84% of users want to solve their own problem and one of the ways they can do that is by using a search box. And did you further know that as many as 68% of users will not return to the site if they did not have a satisfactory search box experience? Here’s how to use your analytics to improve that user experience. 

Learn What Your Customers Need 

Learning what your customers need and supplying it to them is Business 101. Having access to analytics is a straightforward way to both create a content strategy and restructure your inventory management and segmentation. If your customers or site users are consistently searching for “eco-friendly office paper”, you can take that as an opportunity to create a new Landing Page for all Sustainable Products 

You can also craft an email for your lists that direct them on how to purchase those products or services. Having ease of access to what your customers want most is what will keep them coming back to you.  

Learn What Your Customers Can’t Find

When you go to a site and are unsure of how to find what you want, you may go to the search box, hoping to get guidance. If you are noticing that customers are searching for something that may be somewhat tough to find on your site, it may also be an opportunity to restructure and re-segment your site for more ease of access.  

Acquire More Conversions

Having a site search option can help your business acquire almost twice as many conversions as without. Being able to search a site optimizes user experience which will increase not only conversion rates but also sales rates. This can help you create more meaningful content and website changes to appeal to your client base.  

How to Find Search Queries in 7cart 

7-cart E-commerce

To view your search queries within 7cart, go to your store admin. Go to the top navigation bar and select Reports -> Misc -> Keyword Searches. You will then see a list of query phrases, which are the keywords that your customers are using. “Count” means how many times that query was searched for. Product count will give you how many products are generated within the search results for the query phrase.  

What to Do Next 

Learning what your users need and want is important to your growth as a business. Use these strategies to create conversions and content that will appeal to your client base. Those clients will be the ones who help your company acquire more clients and ultimately achieve more success. 

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Tips On How To Fight Online Fraud

Encrypting Payment Information

When purchasing something online or logging into a new site, having your payment information available leaves you susceptible to fraud. Incorporating seller protection is a strong step towards protecting the personal information of your costumers. Systems such as Paypal Express Checkout handles data protection of credit card information. With 7cart sites, credit card information is secured behind three walls for protection. You can also check out Logicblock’s IP range check tool for more ways to manage multiple addresses, as all sites are designed to PCI certification and vulnerability scans.  

Perform Site Backups  

Backing up your site is a crucial tool to ensure safety from fraud. Setting up regularly scheduled backups with your host provider is recommended for information security. If you have not already submitted a ticket to run a backup, it is essential to do so. Contact your hosting provider immediately if you don’t have site backups already installed.  

SSL Certificate Implementation  

Source: Thwate.com

An SSL certificate (secure sockets layer) ensures data is secure between your site and its servers. Having this certificate in the site footer lets visitors know of your site is secure. If you have yet to establish an SSL, you can do so with programs such as Thwate can get you started. SSLs are very effective tools toward navigating fraud. For all Logicblock plans, full website SSL is included! 

CAPTCHA on all Forms  

If you’ve browsed around the internet before, you have run into CAPTCHAs plenty of times. CAPTCHAs are designed to prevent scrappers from stealing e-mail addresses, mitigate comment spam, and monitor bots to ensure which web pages they should and should not be on. You can implement CAPTCHAs in three different methods: reCaptcha, SQUIGL-PIX, and ESP-PIX. Having your CAPTCHAs in place will help maintain confidential information remains on the proper pages.  

A Strong Password 

It may seem obvious, but having a strong password is a simple yet effective way to combat fraud. Recommended passwords are those with a mix of characters, both upper- and lower-case letters, and numbers. It is also encouraged for users to have a longer password to increase their protection against hackers. A strong password is one of the easiest and most sure-fire ways to keep your credentials safe.

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Why Are eCommerce Wish Lists & Favorites Important?

Why Are eCommerce Wish Lists & Favorites Important?

Why Are eCommerce Wish Lists & Favorites Important?

In today’s scatter-brained world, every minor convenience adds up. Offering wishlists and favorites allows your customers to quickly and easily recall their chosen purchases without the hassle of having to sift through your website. 

Why Do You Need Product Lists? 

logicblock website product list overview

According to a report on online shopping cart abandonment rate in 2020, over 88% of online carts are abandoned. That means most people who choose products on your site will not buy them

Just imagine that in a brick & mortar store: you would scarcely be able to move around with all the shopping carts filled with items left in the middle of the aisles. It would look like something out of a disaster movie. This is what’s happening with your store right now.

In addition to choosing cart recovery software, using wish lists & favorites makes it easier for customers to “remember” purchases they intended to make.

Make Wish Lists & Favorites Work For You 

These types of product lists have multiple benefits, including: 

  • They engage people who are already interested in your products 
  • Providing useful data about how people interact with items and their buying habits. For example, if customers are continuously favoriting an item but not buying, your pricing or description might be off.  
  • They improve the user experience, allowing people to quickly and easily find the products they already know they want

How To Use & Manage Product Lists 

Logicblock makes it easy to use and manage product lists. Follow the below steps to set up and use product lists on your site in a few, simple clicks:

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How To Price Products On Your Ecommerce Site

How To Price Products On Your Ecommerce Site

Product Pricing Guide

There’s a lot to think through when managing an eCommerce site. Once you’ve learned how to attract visitors to your online store, you’ll need to make sure it’s well set up to convert them to customers. Having your products priced at the right amount will be one of the key factors that help you to start making sales.  

Read through these pricing strategies to learn how to price your products and then, how to use Logicblock to implement them.

Run A Market Comparison

If you’re brand new to your industry or product, the first thing you’ll want to know is your competitor’s pricing.  

After you run an analysis and determine who’s selling and for how much, then you can make an educated guess at what the product should be priced at. 

As a bonus to you and your customers, we have an integration with item411 which allows customers to display competitor’s pricing against yours. How does this help you? 

Let’s say you had a physical brick and mortar store down the street who sells the same items as you. As a customer, what would you do? You’d walk down the street and compare both costs before making a purchase.  

This is exactly what item411 does: create pricing that beats your competitors but never goes below a set cost. Item411 is included with Logicblock’s Essentials and Professional Packages

Learn how to execute a product price comparison with item411 here.

Item411 will highlight product comparison as shown above
item411 will highlight product comparison as shown above

Analyze Your Customers

The best source of information you have is already on your website.

You can use google analytics (Note to design: please link to new post “How To Use Google Analytics) to determine how customers are getting to your site, what they buy when they get there and how much they’re spending.

Learn everything you can about your customers: where they live, what they do and who they are, and then price your products for them.

Price For Profit

At the end of the day, you’re pricing your products for one reason: to make money. If your product pricing is not producing a profit for you, it’s time to make a change. 

Remember, People Get This Wrong All The Time 

Here’s the thing. When it comes to setting a price for your product, you’re ultimately going to be making a guess. Some people are better at this than others and building up your knowledge of the pricing and market will certainly help, but at the end of the day, you don’t know how much people will pay!

This is a perfectly normal part of running an eCommerce store. There will be moments when it will feel like you’re reading your customers minds you priced so well and times when you realize you inflated a product price 10X what you should have. That’s all a part of the job, and it happens to everyone. Accept the “mistake” and move on to the next one.

Read To Set Your Price?

Logicblock has documents to help you get started.

Create sitewide or customer specific pricing by setting up a “price rule” in Logicblock. The below articles walk you through the different steps to set up your price rules and how to use them.

  1. Price Rules (to modify the selling price of products)
  2. Importing a Price File for a Contract List Rule 
  3. How to give customers special pricing

If you would like to create pricing based on item411 data, submit a ticket via our support site


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Is Covid-19 Shifting Consumer Spending to eCommerce?

The onset of COVID-19 has felt like the wild, wild west in just about every aspect of business (and life, for that matter). There’s no telling what the future will hold, but for right now, the lockdown has caused consumers to shift their spending over to eCommerce considerably. 

While many consumers were choosing to shop online before the coronavirus hit, the pandemic forced others to switch to online purchasing seemingly overnight. Customers who were used to buying in stores were suddenly plunged into the eCommerce world for the first time, and now, it’s possible that many of them won’t go back. 

eCommerce Is Growing

Ever since lockdown, eCommerce sales have seen a spike. One study showed that 21% of people increased online shopping as compared to before the pandemic. 

Unsurprisingly, businesses that sold essential goods saw the highest and most immediate increase. Online grocery sales, for example, skyrocketed during March and April. However, sales increased in other eCommerce categories as well. 

Electronics sales were up for the first time in years as shoppers scrambled to set up their home offices. Computer prices surged as the demand put pressure on the supply chain. With fewer reasons to leave home, lifestyle items like leisure apparel and beer and wine accessories also grew.

What Will The Reopening Of Stores Mean For eCommerce? 

Stores are slowly beginning to re-open, but fear and uncertainty are still keeping many people at home. It’s hard to know when, or if, this will shift, and the market will return to in-person shopping. 

Will in-stores sales increase as customers venture back out? Maybe. But it’s also possible that many of those newly converted eCommerce customers won’t want to give up the convenience and safety of shopping from home, and the online marketplace will continue to grow. 

What Does This Mean For Your eCommerce Business? 

Retention will become really important in the coming months. Many of you are seeing an increase in new customers and sales, and converting visitors to customers may have been easier over the past few months than it ever was before. 

Now, you have to keep it that way. Keep those customers alive and engaged in your business even when they are allowed back into stores. Make sure your user experience is better than your competitors and that your website is optimized

Your sales might be booming through this eCommerce surge and you might not have the bandwidth to think through any of this right now. That’s why we offer our site design package, which provides an all-inclusive service to craft your site into an organized, efficient, and well-designed eCommerce site.  

Don’t wait for things to slow down to focus on your site design, stay ahead of the game (and ahead of your competitors) with our custom design and development services. 

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Make the Most of the Holidays: How to Avoid Some Common Mistakes

Make the Most of the Holidays: How to Avoid Some Common Mistakes

Do Not Let Simple Mistakes Trip You Up

To say the holiday shopping season is important for online sellers would be an understatement. Millions of people will be shopping online to get presents and take advantage of sales, so you have the potential to make big profits. This is why you must start preparing as soon as possible. 

You will be getting a lot of traffic, especially on Black Friday, and you are expected to keep your customers happy. A few simple miscalculations can make you miss out on a lot of profits. Use the following tips to avoid common mistakes, and make sure your sales go off without any hitches. 

 Focus on Inventory Management

Inventory Management Software Helps During Holidays

A common misstep that fledgling sellers make is not having enough stock for holiday shoppers. You could lose out on thousands of potential sales if you run out of stock while demand is high. It also makes your company look unprofessional, and could lead to your public image being damaged. 

You should be working on inventory management well before the shopping season begins. If you have inventory management software, use it to see what you need to restock now. Keep tabs on your highest selling products so you know what should take priority. If you know there are products that are not as popular, do not spend as much money stocking them. 

Never Underestimate the Importance of Keywords 

Optimize Your Content to Improve Traffic Pull

Another common mistake that online sellers make is not utilizing keywords. You should always take some time to update your product pages. Optimizing your content with fresh keywords will help your website stand out on search engines like Google. When you are competing with thousands of other companies online, this is crucial.

General phrases like “Black Friday deals” and “gifts under $30” can help you stand out to Black Friday shoppers. You should also opt for specific keywords tailored around your products and business. This will make it easier to attract the right customers to your website.

Without these keywords, you will have a hard time standing out amongst your competitors.

Do Not Wait to Develop Your Social Media Plan

Plan Your Social Media Schedule Well in Advance

You should never underestimate the power of a good social media marketing plan. With social media, you can let people know about your sales long before they go live. Make sure you develop your social media plan well in advance so you can launch it as soon as your sales are ready to go live.

Create your posts early so you have enough time to make them presentable and eye-catching. Take some time to make a schedule so you know exactly when each announcement should go out. Finally, determine which channels your posts should go on.

By planning early, you have time to tweak the content to perfection before the holiday shopping season begins.

Do Not Discount Products Too Much

Huge Discount You Should Not be Aiming For

On shopping days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it can be tempting to go for heavy discounts on your products. As the price goes down, however, you need to sell more items to make a profit. Try to be careful with how much you are discounting items during holiday sales.

Here is a helpful tip: do not put your heaviest discounts on your top sellers. People are already willing to pay for these items, so focus on smaller discounts to entice tempted customers. Save your biggest discounts for products that are not quite as popular.

Relying on heavy discounts could cost your company millions in profits.

Never Ignore the Competition

Do you set aside some time each year to see what your competitors are doing for the holidays? If not, you are missing out on information that could help your business stand out. Your competitors are trying to entice people away from your website, so it would be wise to see what they are up to.

Check competitors’ websites to see what products they are focusing on this year. See if you have any products that they are not offering. Also, take some time to browse their social media pages to see if they have any sales coming up.

With this information, you can develop a unique angle that will help your business stand out.

Need more help getting ready for the holiday shopping season?

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eTail 101: The Importance of Efficient Inventory Control & Management

Keeping Tabs on Your Inventory

As an online business owner, you should always be thinking about inventory control and management. Inventory control is the process of making sure you have the right amount of stock to keep up with demand. You have to supervise the flow of products so you know which products are selling better than others.

Knowing how to do this is crucial if you want your business to succeed. Continue reading and learn why tracking and managing your inventory is important.

Why You Need to Control & Manage Your Inventory

Perform Inventory Control With Your Warehouses

Controlling your inventory is important is because it keeps you from understocking. There is nothing more frustrating than losing a sale because you did not have enough stock to fulfill an order. Inventory control also keeps you from cluttering up your warehouses with products that no one is buying.

Evaluating the flow of your products will prevent these issues from occurring. Through inventory management, you can learn which products are selling better than others. This will show you which items should take priority. You will also learn which products are not as popular, so you know what does not need to be restocked as often.

By making smarter decisions, you can save a lot of money in the long run.

Tips for Inventory Management & Control

Having trouble controlling and managing your inventory? Use these tips to get back on track.

Use Inventory Management Software

Using an Inventory Management System Online

Using an online inventory management system is an efficient way to keep tabs on your stock. The more your company grows, the harder it gets to manage your inventory manually. By investing in inventory management software, you will get an easier way to track your products.

Inventory management programs allow you to keep tabs on your inventory in real time. They also provide analytics, so you can see how your products are performing. The software does the work for you, giving you time to focus on other aspects of your business.

Need some software to use? When you sign up for Logicblock’s 7cart system, high-end inventory management software will be included.

Develop a Product Forecast

Review Sales Data to Make a Product Forecast

If you have been in business for a long time, you should try to develop a product forecast. To keep yourself from overstocking, take some time and predict when you think certain products are going to be the most popular. Pull up your old sales data and spend some time reviewing it.

By reviewing your sales data, you can find sales patterns that will help you develop an effective business plan. With a plan in place, you will know which items you should stock during specific points of the year. Having a forecast is great for all companies, especially ones that sell seasonal items.

Sort Using the ABC Method

Another common tactic for inventory control is the ABC method, or the selective method. Some products need more focus than others, and you need to figure out which items should

be prioritized. With the ABC plan, you can split products up into three categories based on financial value.

Category A products are high value items that need your full attention. Products in Category B have moderate financial value that deserve a fair amount of control. Last, there are Category C products, which have low value and do not need your full attention.

This type of organization is helpful if you have a diverse catalog of items. Products in Category A need frequent restocks, since they are in high demand. It would be bad for business if these items went out of stock.

Set Par Levels

Setting par levels is another good way to manage your inventory more efficiently. A par level is the minimum quantity you must have for a product at any given time. Par levels can help you determine when you should resupply items in your inventory. When a product dips below the set amount, you have to order more so you do not run out.

Since certain products will be in higher demand, your par levels will be different for each product. Set your par levels based on an item’s demand and how long it takes to restock it. Market conditions will change, so you may need to make adjustments to these levels as time goes on.

Logicblock’s 7cart system offers more than just inventory management. Interested in learning more?

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Followers to Customers: How to Build Better Twitter Ads That Convert

Advertising on Twitter 

Twitter is a popular tool for people looking to promote their businesses online. As of February 2019, the website has 321 million active users, so there are lots of people you can reach out to. Content moves fast on Twitter, so your goal is to create ads that both stand out and convert. Use this guide to develop ads that play to Twitter’s strengths and convert lots of users. 

Narrowing Your Targets 

Twitter on Desktop

Since there are so many people on Twitter, you need to find a way to target the specific audience you want to appeal to. By using the built-in Twitter Analytics tool, you can specify the market you operate in.  

From there, you can build ads that can target the groups of people you are aiming for. The analytics tool allows you to see which people you have converted, and you can see what their interests are. This will give you an idea of who you should be trying to appeal to with your ads. Try and do some research online to find keywords these users are likely to search for on Twitter.  

When building ads, you can target accounts that offer content that is relevant to yours. This allows you to advertise to the followers of these accounts. By having a specific target to aim for, it will be much easier to develop ads that will attract the right people to your website. 

Better Visuals Make a Difference 


Another tip for building stronger Twitter ads is to incorporate eye-catching visuals. Visuals are better at attracting people than plain text, so if you want to advertise something you will need a good photo of it to present in your post. Blurry images will not impress users, so make sure you have a good camera so you can take high quality photos of your products. For reference, 1024 x 512px is considered the ideal size for Twitter images. 

Try posting an image of someone using the product, since this is more interesting than an image of the product by itself. Lots of people quickly scroll through their feeds, so make your images pop with color so no one misses them. If your photos impress users, they might retweet your posts so other users can see them. 

Tricks for Writing Copy 

Typing on Laptop

One way you can convert more users is to use a few tricks when you write the copy for your ads. First, when you are advertising a sale, use percentages rather than actual dollar amounts. A large percentage will be more attractive to users than a small dollar amount. 

Another simple way to increase conversions by promoting urgency with your posts. When you are promoting a sale that is ending soon, be sure to mention that the sale will not last much longer. Terms like “ending soon” or “limited time” can drive interest, since they will entice users to see what you are offering before the promotion ends. 

Be Timely With Event Targeting 

Many people use Twitter to discuss popular events, and others use it to talk about holidays. Depending the type of products you sell, promoting your Twitter ads during specific holidays or events can net you a lot of conversions. Since content moves quickly on this site, nailing the timing of your posts is essential if you want to perform well. 

Twitter’s event targeting feature can help you get relevant posts out at the right time. Using the analytics tool, you can get a clear view of upcoming events and holidays from across the globe. This will give you the information you need to create ads that focus on events that are relevant to your target audience’s interests. 

You can even get detailed information about the people who discuss these events the most. This allows you to tailor your ads towards a specific demographic. 

Another smart way to promote your business on social media is through contents and giveaways. Interested in learning more?

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A Guide to Homepage Conversions: Essential Elements to Include

Designing a Successful Homepage

The homepage is the first thing most people will see when they visit your website. A well-designed homepage highlights the features of a business, and should offer users opportunities to explore the rest of the site. Without a good homepage, it will be difficult for you to convert people into paying customers. 

Design your homepage with the following elements to improve conversions for your business. 

A Good Headline or Tagline 

Homepage on Laptop

The best homepages tell visitors what a website can offer them as soon as they sign on. To get conversions, you need to have a short, but strong headline or tagline at the top of the page. Frontloading your homepage with too much information right away is a good way to scare potential customers away. 

Make sure your headline is clear and concise, and conveys what your business is selling. People are visiting your website for a reason, and this copy should let them know that you can solve their problems. From there, you can go into more detail about your services with a few short paragraphs below the headline. 


Calls-to-action are among the most important elements for a store’s homepage. They present visitors with actions to take, and give them the opportunity to explore more of the website. This is how you can guide visitors to pages that will convert them into paying customers. 

Design CTAs with colors that contrast from the rest of the homepage so visitors can locate them immediately. Link out to landing pages that have forms on them, since they have the best chance of converting users. Try to focus on 2 or 3 CTAs for your homepage; you run the risk of overwhelming new visitors if you include more than that. 

Contact Information 


Your company’s contact information should also be included on the homepage. People who visit your website may have some questions about your services, so you should make it easy for them to contact you. Even if you have a dedicated contact page, having your contact info on the homepage can help with conversions. 

It would be best to put this info in the footer of the page so it is separate from the rest of the page’s content. Include your address, phone number, and email so people have several ways to reach out to you. 

Social Media Links 

Social Media Apps

If you have social media pages, link to them in the footer too. By doing this, you give visitors a chance to follow you on other websites. This allows them to keep engaging with your business, which can lead to more purchases in the future. 

Link out to the pages using each platform’s respective icon so visitors can quickly recognize them. Try implementing a live feed on your homepage for one of your social media pages so visitors can get a taste of the content you offer. 

Social Proof (Trust Elements) 

Another way to improve your homepage is to use the concept of social proof. Social proof is the idea that people will copy an action if someone else had a positive experience doing it. If you show visitors that people enjoy your products and services, they are more likely to convert. 

For example, positive reviews and testimonials show that people enjoy working with your company. This can make new visitors more trusting of your brand, and can lead to conversions.  

Include these quotes on the homepage so new users get a positive impression of your brand. Any quotes you post should be accompanied by names and photos to give them more credibility. If you have earned any certifications you should show them off on the homepage as well. 

If you have signed up with Logicblock recently, learn how to set up your homepage with the 7cart system. 

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Improving Online Sales During the Back-to-School Shopping Season

Improving Online Sales During the Back-to-School Shopping Season

How to Push School Supplies

Online shoppers are getting ready to buy supplies for the upcoming school year. Online sales of school supplies generated more than $58.1 billion in 2018, making this one of the most popular shopping periods of the year. It would be wise to have a good strategy in place if you plan to sell during this period. Prepare for back-to-school shoppers by learning about some effective eCommerce strategies. 

Create a Dedicated Back-to-School Page 

School Supplies

The first action you should take is to create a seasonal landing page for the products you want to sell. You can use this page to promote the items students need at the start of the school year, such as binders, pens, and pencils. Organize products by type and grade level so shoppers can find exactly what they need without any issues. 

From there, promote this landing page in your social media advertisements and emails. Keep this page up during the back-to-school period. Once the period ends you should redesign the page into a traditional school supplies page. If the back-to-school page performed well, a redirect will allow the strong results to carry over to the new landing page. 

Use Email Marketing 

Checking Email

An email marketing campaign can help you re-engage with back-to-school shoppers who visited your website years ago. With emails, you can directly promote sales and products you are offering during your back-to-school sale. Keep emails short and simple, and offer discount codes to parents who are looking to save money. 

Once you have a strategy in place, review your email list and see who you can send these promotions to. To get new customers for your email list, include an opt-in form on your back-to-school landing page. You can also ask for addresses during checkout, and you can build an opt-in form on the footer of your website too. 

You can also use emails to re-target customers who abandoned their shopping carts. Sometimes all it takes is a simple reminder to get someone to come back to your store.  

Advertise Products to Appeal to Kids & Adults 

Kids in School

Promoting your products on social media is essential if you want to get back-to-school shoppers to visit your website.  

One of the smartest decisions you can make is designing advertisements that appeal to children. While children do not make any purchases, they can influence their parents’ shopping decisions. If you sell clothes for back-to-school, create posts with students wearing them to entice kids who are browsing social media.  

Of course, you should also be tailoring posts for parents. Parents will be looking for supplies that will help their kids, so display images of kids using your products. This will show parents that their kids will enjoy using your school supplies. Be sure to put down a link to your back-to-school page so they can see more of your products. 

Host a Back-to-School Contest 

You can also generate interest during the back-to-school shopping season by hosting giveaways. People like winning free stuff, and back-to-school shoppers will not turn down the opportunity to win free school supplies. Create an enticing prize package with a good variety of items, such as a backpack, binders, pens, and art supplies. 

Get creative with advertisements for your giveaway, and give them a fun vibe to entice people to sign up. On the giveaway form, ask for email addresses so participants can sign up for your email list. 

Promote your giveaway on all your social media platforms, and focus most of your efforts on your most popular channel. Also, try partnering with major social media influencers to extend the reach of your contest. 

Focus on Teachers Too 


You need to focus most of your marketing efforts on students and parents, but you should not forget about teachers. Teachers need supplies for the classroom, and they usually need to shop in bulk to accommodate for a large number of students. When developing your back-to-school marketing strategies, try appealing to teachers and staff members. 

Dedicate part of your back-to-school landing page to teaching supplies so teachers can find just what they need. Since teachers have to spend a lot on teaching supplies, it might be smart to offer a few discount codes on this page. Build a form so teachers can give you their email addresses, and send them promotional codes from there.  

Teachers get to save money while they shop, and you get new additions for your email list. 

Logicblock’s 7cart system gives you all the tools you need to sell during the back-to-school season. Want to learn more? 

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