5 Ways Logicblock’s eCommerce Platform Stands Out 

Imagine a world where your brand’s vision is perfectly aligned with every aspect of your website. This is the world that Logicblock creates for you. While we’re known for well-known robustness and our comprehensive toolkit, we also possess a treasure trove of essential yet overlooked features in the areas of flexibility, marketability, versatility, scalability, and […]

Logicblock Taps eCommerce Data and Marketing Expert Paul Gatens for VP of Marketing

Atlanta, Georgia (April 19, 2024) – Logicblock is proud to announce the appointment of Paul Gatens as their new Vice President of Marketing. In his new role, Gatens will be responsible for expanding Logicblock’s partnerships into new verticals and equipping independent resellers with the necessary tools to succeed and grow in the online marketplace. With […]

The Keys to Customer Retention

Every strong business wants to continue growing, and for many owners that means more customers. While every business will value new customers, studies show that in the long run, investing in customer loyalty and retention is far more profitable than attracting new customers in the short term. According to a study at Harvard Business School, […]

Use Zendesk to Optimize Your Business’s Customer Service

Customer relationships are the cornerstone on which all successful businesses are built. Make customer service a business priority by coupling your Logicblock website with Zendesk’s Customer Relationship Management software, Zendesk Sell. Zendesk creates customer service solutions for online businesses like yours. With customizable software that works out of the box and scales with your business, […]

Third-Party Payment Apps May Be Hurting your Business 

After a night out on the town it isn’t unusual to spend some time the next day sending and requesting money from your friends. Apps like Venmo and Square are convenient and popular, particularly when it comes to sending and receiving money from friends and family. But a full-fledged business like yours needs more support […]

Power from Knowledge: Site Search Analytics

Power From Knowledge: Site Search Analytics

Information is power. Search boxes can help your customers navigate your site, find what they want, and purchase it quickly. Not only does it help the user find what they’re looking for, but it can also help narrow down what you want to show them, as you are able to segment your products to cater […]

Encrypting Payment Information

Tips On How To Fight Online Fraud

When purchasing something online or logging into a new site, having your payment information available leaves you susceptible to fraud. Incorporating seller protection is a strong step towards protecting the personal information of your costumers. Systems such as Paypal Express Checkout handles data protection of credit card information. With 7cart sites, credit card information is […]

Why Are eCommerce Wish Lists & Favorites Important?

Why Are eCommerce Wish Lists & Favorites Important?

Why Are eCommerce Wish Lists & Favorites Important? In today’s scatter-brained world, every minor convenience adds up. Offering wishlists and favorites allows your customers to quickly and easily recall their chosen purchases without the hassle of having to sift through your website.  Why Do You Need Product Lists?  According to a report on online shopping cart abandonment rate […]

How To Price Products On Your Ecommerce Site

How To Price Products On Your Ecommerce Site

Product Pricing Guide There’s a lot to think through when managing an eCommerce site. Once you’ve learned how to attract visitors to your online store, you’ll need to make sure it’s well set up to convert them to customers. Having your products priced at the right amount will be one of the key factors that […]

Is Covid-19 Shifting Consumer Spending to eCommerce?

The onset of COVID-19 has felt like the wild, wild west in just about every aspect of business (and life, for that matter). There’s no telling what the future will hold, but for right now, the lockdown has caused consumers to shift their spending over to eCommerce considerably.   While many consumers were choosing to shop […]