Why Are eCommerce Wish Lists & Favorites Important?

Why Are eCommerce Wish Lists & Favorites Important?

Why Are eCommerce Wish Lists & Favorites Important?

In today’s scatter-brained world, every minor convenience adds up. Offering wishlists and favorites allows your customers to quickly and easily recall their chosen purchases without the hassle of having to sift through your website. 

Why Do You Need Product Lists? 

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According to a report on online shopping cart abandonment rate in 2020, over 88% of online carts are abandoned. That means most people who choose products on your site will not buy them

Just imagine that in a brick & mortar store: you would scarcely be able to move around with all the shopping carts filled with items left in the middle of the aisles. It would look like something out of a disaster movie. This is what’s happening with your store right now.

In addition to choosing cart recovery software, using wish lists & favorites makes it easier for customers to “remember” purchases they intended to make.

Make Wish Lists & Favorites Work For You 

These types of product lists have multiple benefits, including: 

  • They engage people who are already interested in your products 
  • Providing useful data about how people interact with items and their buying habits. For example, if customers are continuously favoriting an item but not buying, your pricing or description might be off.  
  • They improve the user experience, allowing people to quickly and easily find the products they already know they want

How To Use & Manage Product Lists 

Logicblock makes it easy to use and manage product lists. Follow the below steps to set up and use product lists on your site in a few, simple clicks: