How To Use Video To Engage and Convert

How To Use Videos To Engage and Convert

Why Use Video?  Video is a powerful tool for businesses for multiple reasons. For starters, consumers are more drawn to visuals as they are more eye-catching and easily digestible. With many people buying items online, having video functions and features is a recommended strategy to attract new customers. Here are some methods in which video […]

Logicblock Partner Spotlight: Fortune Web Marketing

Logicblock Partner Spotlight: Fortune Web Marketing

Introducing Fortune Web Marketing At Logicblock, we pride ourselves on the ease and flexibility of our website’s systems and integrations thanks to strong partnerships, specifically our partnership with boutique marketing firm, Fortune Web Marketing, which began in 2012. They provide both us and our customers with marketing strategies that benefit all teams involved, ensuring seamless […]

The Benefits of Chatbots: Improving The Online Shopping Experience

Can Chatbots Improve The Shopping Experience?

What are Chatbots? Chatbots are software applications that are utilized for when someone cannot reach an in-person representative and customer service is provided through a computer program. Chatbots serve several purposes and are popular for addressing customer needs at that time. In the e-commerce field, they are becoming a tool to connect consumers with products […]

How To Combat Shipping Challenges

How to Combat Shipping Challenges

Experiencing Shipping Challenges When operating an e-commerce business, shipping issues can upend you greatly. Delayed orders can result in frustrated customers, a lack of efficiency, and hinder your bottom line. In an era where online shopping is the norm, planning ahead for shipping challenges is essential. Taking advantage of these methods will ensure you are […]

Building Outside Links To Your Store

In the business of eCommerce, backlinks are some of the best tools at your disposal. When other companies link out to your website (I.e. “backlink”), you can get a lot more traffic. Backlinks are great for improving search engine optimization (SEO), but getting others to link out to your site is not always an easy task.  Continue reading to learn […]

How To Launch Your First Ecommerce Store

Whether you’re a small business looking to sell your products online or you’re building a business from scratch, launching your first eCommerce store is easier than you think. With a few simple steps and some thoughtful planning, you can have eCommerce store live and ready for sales in an instant.   Build Your Site  Logicblock makes it easy […]

Why Your Small Business Needs An Ecommerce Site

If there’s anything COVID-19 taught businesses, it’s the need for a digital presence. Those who did not have an eCommerce store floundered, either scrambling to put one together or hoping they survived being shut down without sales.  But the benefits for opening an eCommerce store go far beyond the current crisis. They also allow you […]

6 Reasons You Should Use Logicblock’s 7cart Platform for Your Business

An Ideal Platform for Your Online Business For online sellers, finding the perfect platform to build a store on is crucial. In order to stay competitive, you need a robust platform that can be tailored to suit your industry. Logicblock’s 7cart system offers several advanced features, and can be used to design a site that […]

The Value of Customer Service, & Why It Should Be a Top Priority

Strong Customer Service is Vital In the age of digital shopping, it is crucial for eCommerce businesses to have a clear customer service plan. Shipping mishaps and other problems can occur at any time, so you need a team that can handle them efficiently. Being able to solve customers’ problems helps build loyalty, and makes […]

A Guide to Discounts: Lowering Your Prices Without Losing Profits

Reduce Prices, Without Reducing Profits One of the biggest double-edged swords in commerce is the price discount. On the one hand, discounts are great for enticing people to buy items that are stalling. And yet, if you rely on discounts too often your profits will take a significant hit. As a result, creating ideal sales […]