About Building Backlinks: Getting More Visibility For Your Website

Building Outside Links to Your Store

In the business of eCommerce, backlinks are some of the best tools at your disposal. When other companies link out to your website, you can get a lot of traffic. Backlinks are great for improving search engine optimization (SEO), but getting others to link out to your site is not always an easy task.

Continue reading to learn more about backlinks, and how you can get more of them for your business.

Discussing Backlinks

Backlinks Can Bring More Traffic In

Backlinks are great for getting new people to visit your website. Say a popular blogger reviews one of your products and links to the product page on your site. Anyone who visits the blogger’s website now has a chance to visit the page, which results in more traffic for your business.

Backlinks are great for improving your search engine rank. If your website gets a lot of backlinks, it means your content is resonating with a large group of people. Search engine algorithms like to highlight this type of content, so having backlinks will help you rank better online.

Now that you understand the importance of having backlinks, let’s learn how to get them.

Create Content People Can’t Get Elsewhere

The best way to get backlinks is to create strong content that people will want to share. Chances are you are already creating blog posts to attract new visitors to your website. If web designers find your content to be unique and informative, they might link to it on their own websites. When this happens, your store will get more traffic, without any additional work on your part.

Review the products and services you offer, and come up with blog topics that are unique to your business. You can create an infographic highlighting the benefits of products in a specific range. Or you can promote unique products that customers cannot get elsewhere.

Avoid focusing on stale topics with your content. Readers will not be obligated to share your content if it’s too similar to what is offered on other sites.

Send Bloggers Products to Review

Bloggers That Review Products Get You Backlinks

As mentioned above, bloggers who review your products typically create backlinks so readers have a way to buy them from you. As an added benefit, readers will be enticed to buy your products if those reviews are positive. This is why you should target social media users and bloggers from your field.

Find popular individuals who write about your industry, and start up discussions with them. Ask them if they’d be willing to review one of your most recent products. If you send the product for free, a blogger may be more inclined to write a post about it.

If the review goes through, be sure the post links back to your website so you can attract the blogger’s audience.

Reach Out for Potential Guest Posts

You can also get backlinks by writing guest posts on websites relevant to your industry. When you write a post on someone else’s site, you are allowed to list information about your own business. This presents you with the chance to target a specific demographic in your target audience.

Dedicate some time to searching around so you can find websites associated with your industry. Before you ask about guest posts, make sure the website’s staff offers them. From there, engage with the content on the website, and show your interest in what the website offers. By building a relationship with the people who run the site, you will get a better shot of securing a guest post.

Make sure you write about a topic that visitors to this website will engage with. If your topic ends up being too generic, your partner may not want to publish your content.

Avoid Spamming Backlinks

Google is Not Fond of Spammed Backlinks

While backlinks are effective for search engine optimization, you need to be careful with how you employ them. Some companies use tactics that can create many backlinks in a short period of time. This is a problem, because those links can appear on poorly optimized websites that have nothing to do with your business. These are known as spam backlinks.

Search engines like Google aren’t fond of spam backlinks, and will deem the websites they link to as untrustworthy. Websites with spam links will get lower placements, and are much harder to search for. Therefore, having too many backlinks can actually reduce incoming traffic instead of improving it.

Always focus on quality over quantity, especially when you try to get backlinks for your website. Your site will get a better placement if the links are being built naturally onto relevant websites. If backlinks end up on websites that are irrelevant to your industry, the people who use them won’t want to stick around.

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