Power from Knowledge: Site Search Analytics

Power From Knowledge: Site Search Analytics

Information is power. Search boxes can help your customers navigate your site, find what they want, and purchase it quickly. Not only does it help the user find what they’re looking for, but it can also help narrow down what you want to show them, as you are able to segment your products to cater […]

Seasons Change: Tips & Tricks for Capitalizing on Seasonal Products

Selling Your Seasonal Wares Certain items you sell are more desirable during specific seasons, and this is something you need to stay on top of if you want to maximize profits. For example, school supplies sell the best in late summer and early fall, while snow gear sells the best during winter. By making the […]

Why You Should Be Encouraging Customers to Review Products

Getting Shoppers to Leave Reviews The importance of online reviews cannot be understated for eCommerce business owners. When a product has positive reviews, customers are more inclined to buy it, since it is clear that others think highly of it. In addition, reviews can also help you improve your site’s search rank, since they show […]

Customer Spotlight: Day to Day Essentials

Working with Day to Day Located in Fairfield, NJ, Day to Day Essentials is one of many companies that is partnered with Logicblock. After struggling with its initial website launch, the company’s founders took interest in our 7cart system, and a partnership grew from there. Learn more about Day to Day, and see how the […]

Keep Driving Sales After the Holidays Conclude

Keeping a Steady Pace The holiday season is a key period for online sellers, since this is when sales tend to peak over the course of the year. Thanks to an abundance of sales and marketing campaigns, most companies see major profits during this time. However, once this period ends things must go back to […]

The Top Holiday eCommerce Trends For 2018

Popular Trends for the Holiday Season The holiday season is quickly approaching, and online sellers are already preparing for the influx of holiday shoppers. If you are preparing for the holiday shopping season, it might be a good idea to get an idea of how this shopping season will be different from last year’s. Prepare […]

Customer Spotlight: Office Supply America

Meet Office Supply America Located in San Antonio, Texas, Office Supply America is a major supplier of office supplies, office furniture, and computer supplies. The company was not satisfied with the platform it was using previously, and it wanted a new website that had more flexibility. This ultimately led to the company partnering with Logicblock […]

Common Problems Customers Face & How to Avoid Them

Common Problems Customers Face & How to Avoid Them

Solve Your Customers’ Biggest Issues Shopping online is a great luxury for many people, but that does not mean it is always a smooth experience. Every once in a while shoppers deal with annoyances that can make it difficult for them to buy the things they want. As an online seller, you have to make […]