Customer Spotlight: Office Supply America

Meet Office Supply America

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Located in San Antonio, Texas, Office Supply America is a major supplier of office supplies, office furniture, and computer supplies. The company was not satisfied with the platform it was using previously, and it wanted a new website that had more flexibility. This ultimately led to the company partnering with Logicblock in 2015. We spoke with Tim Kreusel, the president of Office Supply America, to learn more about how his company has benefitted from using our 7cart system.

About Office Supply America

Office Supply America is a family-run business that originally opened in 1976. It primarily serves clients in the San Antonio area, and focuses on selling office furniture, computer supplies, office supplies, and other products.

The main products offered by Office Supply America come from the general SP Richards catalog, though the company does offer products from some other manufacturers. The company also helps out with office floor planning, and offers furniture installation services for local companies that purchased their products.

Partnering with Logicblock

Tim’s previous provider was Britannia, and he was very satisfied with the partnership. As time went on, however, ECI purchased Britannia, and Tim had to partner with ECI so he could keep his website running. Moving to a new platform cost Tim a lot of money, and while he worked with ECI he saw that there were practically no reductions to his monthly bill. To make matters worse, Tim was forced to sign up for a new platform every time

changes occurred, and if he did not make the move quickly he would lose the functions of his original Britannia system. Tim did not feel secure with this set up, and as time went on he realized that he needed to find a new partnership.

When Tim first spoke with Logicblock he was impressed with how easy it was to understand the 7cart system. After the partnership was set in stone the Logicblock staff designed the basic site that Office Supply America currently uses. After the design was finished Tim made a few minor changes to the design so it would accommodate the needs of his company. Office Supply America launched its new website with Logicblock in August 2015.

Benefits of Using the 7cart System

Office Supply America Office Chairs
One of the reasons Tim decided to partner with Logicblock was because of how easy it was for him to get his questions answered. He likes the help ticket system in particular, because it allows him to get quick responses to his questions. In addition, it also allows him to store a complete record of questions and answers that he can call back to at any time.

Office Supply America benefits from many different parts of the Logicblock platform, including the more efficient site layout. Tim believes that his company’s new website is much better presented than the one he used previously. He stated that many of his clients speak with him to praise the website’s straightforward design, since it makes it easy for them to search for particular products. He also praised the 7cart system for offering a lot of flexibility, since it allows him to easily make changes when he needs to.

Relationship with Logicblock

Tim is very grateful for how well his partnership with Logicblock has turned out. He said that the training Logicblock gave his company before the launch of the new website was very effective, and he was very pleased with how everything turned out.

The thing that Tim is most grateful for, however, is how he and his company always feel appreciated. Tim prefers to work on a platform that is not constantly changing, and he is grateful that he has never felt pressured to continuously make drastic upgrades to his website while working with us. This, on top of how helpful the Logicblock staff has been with answering his questions, makes Tim very appreciative of the partnership he has in place.