Why You Should Be Encouraging Customers to Review Products

Getting Shoppers to Leave Reviews

The importance of online reviews cannot be understated for eCommerce business owners. When a product has positive reviews, customers are more inclined to buy it, since it is clear that others think highly of it. In addition, reviews can also help you improve your site’s search rank, since they show search engines that you are releasing quality content. Keep reading to see why you should always encourage your customers to leave reviews online.

Reviews Influence Shopping Decisions

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One of the biggest challenges of selling products online is that customers are not able to see your products in person. Besides a product’s description and images, customer reviews are some of the only ways shoppers can gauge the quality of a product. Customer reviews are especially useful, since they give buyers the chance learn more about products through the personal experiences of those who bought them.

When customers see that others enjoy using a product, they will be more included to purchase it. This is why you have to do what you can to get people to leave reviews after they buy your products. If a product has no reviews, customers may be wary about buying it, since they have no way to tell if anyone enjoyed using it.

An easy way to do this is to make sure the process of reviewing products as simple as possible. By doing this, customers feel naturally obligated to write their own reviews.

Reviews Are Free Marketing

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Did you know that product reviews almost act as free advertising? Online shoppers are more willing to trust the words of other shoppers, since they assume sellers are obligated to speak highly of their products. When shoppers see reviews from regular people, they feel as though they can get unbiased opinions on things they want to buy.

By encouraging previous customers to review your products, you can get people to buy more products without the need to write new content. After a product is delivered, wait a few days and send an email asking for feedback. Plenty of customers enjoy leaving feedback, but simply forget to do so right away, so giving reminders is always helpful.

Improve Search Engine Rank

Besides enticing new customers to buy your products, reviews also help your website stay well-ranked on sites like Google. This is because any review that is added to a product page serves as a new piece of content for your site. Search engine algorithms react to specific keywords that reviewers are typing out, and your site has the chance to get much better visibility as a result.

Not only that, Google algorithms usually react to positive reviews when they are posted online. They take product ratings into consideration, and rank product pages higher if people enjoy the items being shown. Basically, if you sell products that people enjoy using and convince people to review them, you can dramatically increase traffic to your site.

Learn Where You Can Improve

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A handful of online sellers try to dissuade people from reviewing their products if they fear the reviews will be negative. Reviews that criticize products usually scare customers away, and can make it harder for a sale to be made. Despite this, you should not be afraid of negative reviews, because you can learn a lot of things from a customer’s critiques.

If people say that a particular item is of low quality, you should check and see what the problem is. If you find that there are significant issues with the product, you now know that you have to fix it if you want people to leave better reviews. If you choose to disable reviews, you will not know if people have issues with a product, and if people stop buying it you will not be able to figure out why.

Not all customer reviews are going to be positive, but not all negative reviews are inherently bad.

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