5 Signs Your Site Could Use A Redesign

When is it Time to Redesign Your Website?

Have you checked recently to see how your website is performing? Are you unable to find solutions with your current provider? When evaluating whether or not you need a new site, there are many things that you can look at, and many questions you’ll probably want to ask. Your website is the first impression you make on a new customer, and also determines whether or not that new customer will come back. Below are five signs that you’re ready for a new eCommerce

Your Site is Not Mobile Friendly

According to a recent survey done by IBM, smartphone traffic accounts for 60 percent of time spent on your website, and 16 percent of purchases. If you notice that you are getting a low amount of traffic from mobile devices, it’s might be time for a redesign. In addition to providing information to your prospects, the 7cart eCommerce system offers responsive layouts that adjust automatically to the device your visitor is on. This is something that we do with every new site that we create, so that way your new eCommerce site meets Google’s mobile index update requirements.

It’s Complicated to Make Changes on Your Current Site

If you can’t make changes to the content on your site without entering code, it may be time for you to make updates. Fortunately, 7cart is easy-to-use and offers a built-in content management system (CMS). Within one program, you’ll be able to manage everything within your store, create new static categories, deploy blog posts, and more. You’ll be able to create that landing page with embedded products, or create a new category on your site to reflect a new market your business is entering.

The 7cart system also allows for custom and semi-custom designs to customize your storefront to match your branding. If you need help with automated solutions for your business that can integrate with your website.

Your Site Doesn’t Reach Your Target Audience


If you’re noticing that your site has a high bounce rate, but may have high page views, it might mean that your customers aren’t getting the information they need to make an informed decision. The user experience (UX) your customer has can make or break your site, and is also one of the top reasons why people may be leaving your current site.

Also, take a look at how your brand’s direction has changed since the last time you’ve updated your site. Have you introduced new services, but don’t see them represented prominently? This will be your first step in creating a clear message to your customers about how you can help them.

You’re Not Being Found on Search Engines

Smart Insights conducted a study on a site’s
click through rate based on search position. On desktop, they found that the top three organic positions drove about 46.82 percent of the overall CTR, while on mobile, it’s up to 58.97 percent. CTR’s tend to decline as you drop positions, so it might be a good time to look up your company on Google and Bing to see where you’re ranking. If you find that you’re on page two, it may be time to revamp your site. We work with partners like Fortune Web Marketing that can help you achieve a better organic search presence through customized strategies and solutions within 7cart and beyond.

Your Site’s Security is At Risk

eCommerce Site Security

Is your current site prepared to prevent fraud, hacking, or other type of security breach? 43 percent of cyber hacks happen to small businesses, according to data from Small Business Trends. Securing your eCommerce site should be a top priority, even if you haven’t had any cyber threats. 7cart eCommerce sites store payment information behind three walls of protection, and also only integrate with payment solutions that meet high security standards. Within your site, you’ll have features like fraud check and be able to implement SSL certificates to ensure data remains secure.


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