Quality Over Quantity: How To Generate Better Leads

Attract the Leads that Matter

If you’re one of the many businesses diving into the world of digital marketing, then you
may be aware of the struggles that come with lead generation. Though you may be receiving a high number of leads per month, that doesn’t necessarily mean they will become a sale. To help your business get the most out of your online presence, we have chosen some of the best ways to develop quality leads online.

Create an Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing is a great way to target new or existing customers. When
you have control over the lists you choose to send too, you will know exactly the type of content they are interested in receiving. According to VentureHarbour, one of the biggest and current trends in email is marketing automation. This allows you to send targeted emails to leads that are highly personalized to them. When you’re able to get smarter and target behavioral triggers, it will lead to more quality leads coming through to their inbox.

Optimize Your Landing Pages

Landing Page Optimization Lead Gen

Landing pages are essential when it comes to creating quality leads. One of the only ways you will be able to convert first time customers into long time returning ones is by optimizing your landing pages properly. This means ensuring your pages are organized with a benefit oriented headline. A good landing page will present reasons why your company is the superior supplier with eye catching and relevant images. It will also need an effective call to action that draws your customer’s attention and clearly encourages further action.

Effectively Execute Your Content Marketing

Execute Your Content Marketing

Content marketing is a great tool that’s being used by many businesses but can fail to live up to its potential. According to Salesforce, only 32 percent of marketers believe that they are effectively using and promoting their content. Though great content is time consuming to produce, it’s important to utilize when looking for quality leads. Good content answers the questions or solves the problems that potential leads need answered. It’s put together in a way that is creative and visually appealing to personalize the needs of specific audiences you’re trying to reach. Once created, you can analyze its success so you can further enhance or change your marketing strategy.

Tap Into Social Media

Social Media Icons

Social media is known for its ability to connect, share and reach many people at one time. Due to this,
many view social media as a way to build a brand and not necessarily drive in sales. When done the right way, social channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can all be used to generate better leads. Choosing the right channel for your business is an important first step. According to Sprout Social, 44 percent of B2B marketers have generated leads through LinkedIn, 39 percent with Facebook and 30 percent for Twitter. To choose the best channel for you, evaluate the demographic you‘re trying to reach and see which channels they use the most. Once you have that underway you can then work on producing eye catching content, contests, ads and video to create a social channel that drives in leads.

Keep It Simple

Keep Your Site Simple

Kissmetrics says that the more choices you offer potential customers, the longer it will take them to make a decision. A way to avoid this is just by keeping the content on your website simple, especially your homepage. The homepage of your website should be treated like a landing page. Narrow your focus down, keep copy brief, have strong calls to action, and make it visually appealing. Once you are clear about the actions you want customers to take, make it easy for them to do so.

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