How Can Clear Content Lead to Better Customer Service?

Create Content That Leads to Better Customer Understanding

According to eMarketer, 86 percent of U.S. consumers feel that customer service is the most important thing when choosing a small business to work with. The content that’s on your site can help answer your customer’s questions or explain how to solve a problem. If you’ve noticed lately that you’re getting repetitive questions, it might be time to take a look at the copy on your website and see what you can do to improve your relationship with customers. Here are a few suggestions we have to help you improve your customer service.

Are All of Your Services Outlined Clearly on Your Site?

Outline Your Services

Grab a paper and write down all of the services you offer. Does each one have it’s own page on your website?

Even for those that may require a next step, there should be copy on your site that outlines what the service entails, what your customer can expect, and examples of your work if applicable. Ensure that all services you provide have their own page. They can then live under a “services” header, led by a page that gives a brief description of all services. This will allow your customer to go directly to the service he/she is interested in.

Think About Calls To Action & Where They Go

After you outline what a service/product can do for the customer, what’s the next step? Your call to action provides a clear next step for your customer to a form or a landing page outlining more information.

Figuring out where your customer is coming from and where they should be led next can be a challenge. A recent article in Forbes outlines that online retailers should think about why a customer is visiting their site, and determining what purpose a
page has. They offered these recommendations:

Blog Posts: If users are coming in from social, they might not be quite ready to fill out a form. Most of the time, people find this post
through scrolling through Facebook or Twitter, and may present information found to a higher-up, who would then want to learn more from a landing page that contains proof that a product or service can help them.

Landing Pages: These higher ups will decide whether or not to purchase your product or schedule a consultation. Your CTA should lead
to a form or to the users cart, with the product already in there. You can also embed a form onto a page if you wish.

Hubspot likes to call the overall process the “buyers journey.”
Take a look at it to understand how a prospect can go from simply looking for information, to recommending your business to others. This can help you evaluate if you’re leading users to the right places at the right time.

How Clear Are Your Sites Forms?

How Clear Are Your Site Forms?

If you find that you’re getting the same question from multiple customers, look at the forms you have on your site. If you only have one contact-us form, see if you can implement a checkbox for your products/services so the question can be directed to the right person. For more complex services, see if there’s a form that you can create specifically for your service. This can ask your customer the questions that need to be answered before you take the necessary actions that come next.

Look at Your Social Profiles

Look At Your Social Profiles

What are you posting to your channels each week? Think about your posts and what they offer to your end user. Your posts should give your users new information and teach them something, not directly encouraging them to buy from you. Also ensure that your profiles are filled out with different ways customers can reach out to you. Doing so can help you stand out from your competitors.