Customer Spotlight: NuLeaf Office Solutions

Meet NuLeaf Office Solutions

We want to highlight one of our newest customers, NuLeaf Office Solutions. NuLeaf serves the Seattle area with print solutions, office supplies, and office furniture. They came to Logicblock looking for a solution that would allow flexibilityof handling multiple distributors to meet their digital marketing goals. Their site launched in November of 2016. We were able to sit down with Kelly Cudworth, President of NuLeaf Office Solutions, to talk about his experiences with the 7cart eCommerce System since launching.

First, Tell Us About NuLeaf

NuLeaf Company Logo

NuLeaf is a dba of Pacific Northwest Business Products, Inc. We’ve been in business for over 45 years and our founder (my father) Jeff Cudworth is still our CEO. We took the company through an extensive internal and external re-branding and business process transition starting in January 2013 and officially launching as NuLeaf Office Solutions January 2014.

Our history comes from the print industry’s specifically toner cartridge and remanufactured toner. From 2008 to 2013, we saw the print industry become saturated with overseas product and the government sector also became tougher to work with. All of this was combined with eCommerce becoming the primary purchasing function.

We saw a need to expand our offering and diversify our product line. We started focusing on combining our experience with print and taking our office supply offering outside of just government to compete in the B2B market.

Rebranding the organizing was a first key step. Once we had a few years to work this new business model and target our expanding B2B market, it became clear we needed to start getting more aggressive in the digital space and provide our clients, leads and business partners a more comprehensive and functional online platform to not only identify products for ordering, but provide product and solution content. Logicblock was a clear stand out in platforms to fit this need.

Why Did You Choose Logicblock?

The ability to have more content and product control. Our company is in a growth period and most products on the market now for a company our size limit to a specific online/content marketing model/platform. Logicblock allows us to have complete flexibility with the content from multiple distributors and managing that content to align with our digital marketing goals. Our ability to generate landing pages incorporating product that can be added to carts, complete flexibility on product page content, and a site that provides all the SEO functionality and resources to utilize our partners for digital marketing campaigns were all the major factors in deciding to go with Logicblock.

What Results Have You Seen On Your Site Since Launch?

NuLeaf Landing Page Content Example

We’ve received great customer feedback on shopping expertise and have been able to increase our online lead development. Landing page content has also been utilized regularly during the sales process with clients. We also like that Logicblock allows more approver rules utilization from larger customers. Logicblock is living up to what we had hoped I would when creating a better user experience for our clients and supporting our digital marketing. The LB team has been quick to respond and resolve support questions. Many times we request direction on certain functionality and we receive quick and direct answers with resources. It’s clear the LB team is very much invested in making this a quality product for dealers and their partners and interested in our success.

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