What the new Google Core Update Means For You

Google Constantly Making Updates

Google is constantly making updates—in the past few months they have rolled out multiple updates including spam updates, page experience updates and predator algorithm updates. In addition, Google recently updated its core algorithm (twice). A core update is when Google makes substantial improvements to the overall ranking process. Typically, as these core updates roll out, some sites can see volatility and noticeable changes in their Google search ranking and analytics.

Core Updates Complete as of July 12th

Google Analytics
Source: Google

As you are looking at your site analytics, you may (or may not) see a dip or increase due to the core updates. The June update began rolling out June 2nd and took about ten days. For July, the experts’ tracking shows that the core update was felt the most by websites on July 2nd and July 9th despite rolling out July 1st-July 12th. While many websites won’t notice any changes, some sites that experience drops will be looking to “fix” their site after the updates despite potentially having nothing that needs fixing.

“Fix” Your Site with Continued Quality Content

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Improving your search ranking is not a quick fix; it takes time. Continue offering the best quality content that you can to position your website (and overall business) as the go-to expert in your niche. Providing the end-user with a good experience is the most important factor and directly relates to your page quality. This means that your content needs to not only be comprehensive, trusted, and provide value to your readers, but the website itself also needs to display correctly (be mobile-friendly) and have functionality and speed.

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Maintain Strong Search Engine Optimization

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In addition to quality content, continual Search Engine Optimization is key to maintaining your google search rankings. While these core updates can sometimes frustrate you with drastic changes, SEO is a marathon and not a sprint. Continue with good quality content and utilize your 7cart ecommerce website to maintain strong metatags and search-friendly URLS and you will win in the long-run. Utilize the Google Search Console tools to measure your results and improve your performance over time.

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