Get The Right Clicks From E-Mails by Writing A Compelling Copy

Improve Your Click-through Rate With Better Copy

You may have high open rates, but are customers and prospects clicking through to fill out a form or purchase a product? Click-through rates are a great metric to examine when looking at your overall e-mail marketing campaign. While click-through rates vary based on the industry you’re in, they’re a very important metric to consider. Have you noticed that yours may be lower than average? Here are a few ways you can revise your copy to reach higher click-through rates.

Understand Your Audience

Do you know the times of day when your customers are opening your e-mails? Are you able to name your customers’ troubles? If your answer is no, you should consider creating buyer personas for each of your target audiences.

Buyer personas allow you to examine your customers’ demographics, identify their job roles and their job description, as well as become aware of the issues they face. In addition, there are many other features that are available. This can give you a better understanding of how to market potential clients and there’s no limit to how many you can acquire. The more buyer personas you have, the more specific your marketing efforts can be, as you can create specific lists for each persona.

Hubspot has put together a detailed blog post on how to create them.

Pay Attention To Your Subject Lines

Sample Subject Line

Subject lines are the first thing your customer will see and they will also determine whether or not a customer or prospect will open your message. When creating a subject line, keep these things below in mind:

  1. Length – Shorter headlines tend to do be opened more frequently than longer ones. According to SendGrid, subject lines with just three words tend to have the highest engagement.
  2. Timeliness – If you have a time component included in your message, identify it in your subject line. Specific sales percentages and the amount of time that is remaining to retrieve a product can assist with creating a specific subject line.
  3. Spam Triggers – While words may vary depending on industry, avoid using terms such as “buy direct,” “extra income,” “don’t delete,” and others. Meqouda contains a full list of words to avoid.

Make Your Customer Feel Unique

Example of Personalized E-mail

While you might not be able to give concert tickets away, like the example above, sending e-mails to select customers based on their location or actions they’ve taken on your site can lead to higher click-through rates. Personalization not only includes adding the name of your customer into your subject line or greeting, but can also mean only offering coupons to select customers based on actions they’ve taken on your site. If you’re interested in learning more on this, learn about our partner Rekko.

Have A Strong Call to Action

Example of CTA Button

An effective call to action (CTA) completes your e-mail and leads your customer to a next step, such as filling out a form or possibly purchasing a product. It’s a critical process that involves a bit of trial and error. If you notice that your CTA’s are not getting the clicks you’re hoping for, try doing an A/B test with different copy. Simple word changes like “your” to “my” have helped increased clicks by up to 25 percent, according to WordStream.