Partner Spotlight: Rekko

Our partners help us create unique eCommerce experiences for our customers. Rekko Marketing Cloud‘s easy-to-use
interface allows users to combine website personalization, A/B Testing, and email marketing under one roof; integrating marketing efforts into a seamless experience. Their combined tools can boost conversion rates, customer lifetime value, and revenues for 7cart customers.

Boosting Your Online Marketing Needs

Rekko Marketing Cloud’s aim has always been to improve on-site marketing and integrate it with offline efforts via email and social media. They provide a variety of marketing tools to help you achieve your goals.

Web Campaigns

Rekko’s Web campaigns allow you to deliver targeted offers and content, to the specific audiences that are most likely to respond to them. Rekko’s profiling engine offers you hundreds of ways to target your customers with their Campaign Builder.

Creative engagements like banners, pop-ons, and toolbars can be A/B tested for effectiveness!

Each campaign has a detailed page filled with customized reports displaying the metrics that are most important to you. You can find out how much money your campaign made, which visitors specifically responded to the campaign and more.

Creative Banners and Widgets

Creative Banners and Widgets

Rekko makes delivering your messages and offers easy, even for the non-technical. You don’t need a coding background. Rekko’s marketing widgets will help smooth out the creative process. Toolbars can be customized with colors and text, Email Capture Popon campaigns are easy to deploy. There’s also an Expanding Banner widget designed to help you maximize your page real estate.

If you’re more code savvy, Rekko also offers full WYSIWYG editors with tabs for HTML Source, CSS, and JavaScript.

Creative banners can also be inserted into your pages to make for a more native experience. Insert them using Div IDs, CSS Selectors, or with Rekko’s WYSIWYG Page Editor, a tool allowing you to highlight sections of your page and insert or replace content.

Rekko can deliver top selling products grids can showcase your popular products across the site or for a specific category; while the product recommendations grid can display complementary items or things customers would also be interested in based on what they’ve viewed or added to cart.

Charley: An Easier Way to Improve Your E-Mail Marketing

Charley: An Easier Way to Improve Your E-Mail Marketing

Charley is the email service portion that’s part of the Rekko Marketing Cloud. Use it to send traditional email newsletters and blasts with unique features such as:

SmartSend optimizes the send time of emails, scheduling the delivery of each emails based on when the subscriber historically has opened your emails.

Recycler automatically resends your mailing to recipients who didn’t open the email the first time.

SmartList Builder creates mailing lists with profile segments you set the rules for, e.g. create a list of visitors who purchased a specific brand of products.

Charley is fully integrated with Rekko, so you can send personalized emails dynamically. Use a recipient’s first name in the subject line or when addressing them in the email body; or even insert Top Selling Products and Product Recommendations grids based on what they viewed on the site.

Sending Out Your E-Mail

Sending Out Your E-Mail

There are two components to sending out an email:

1) Who will receive my email?

This is your mailing list. Populate by manually adding addresses or uploading a CSV. You can even use a built-in email capture campaign to garner subscribers. There is also a more advanced feature that allows you to create a list based on visitor site behavior. For example, build a list of customers that have purchased from a specific product category in the last 6 months.

2) What kind of email will they receive?

There are five different types of email campaigns available in Charley.

Email Blast

Designed to mimic the look and feel of your native email client, simply select the list(s) you want to target, fill out the from name, and from email address. Insert your email content or select one from your library of saved emails and you are ready to go. If you select more than one list, users who appear on multiple lists will only receive one email.


Regardless of the size of your mailing list, a 100 percent open rate is nearly impossible. Recycler allows you to easily retarget visitors that didn’t open your original mailing all with a simple toggle switch. Once activated, Charley will create a list of people that did not open your email and send it again. You can simply change the subject or opt for an entirely different message.

Transactional Email

Transactional Email

Also known as triggered emails, they are based on a visitor action on your website. It is most commonly associated with reaching out to visitors that have abandoned shopping carts. However, the trigger can also be based on actions like a specific page visit, form submission, and purchase.



If you have ever shopped on Amazon, you have likely received recurring emails with the subject “stuff you might like.” Send daily, weekly, or monthly and include product and top-selling recommendation grids based on individual visitor behaviors/actions.

Real-time Messaging

This is similar to transactional emails, but much more flexible – meaning you have more profiles available to segment what kinds of actions trigger these emails. You can also create a series of emails that will drip on recipients and control when those emails are delivered.

Other Features

Coupon Manager: Dynamically serve unique coupon codes to each visitor or subscriber. The coupon manager
allows you to upload a list of coupon codes to be used once – this helps to keep visitors from posting your code to different websites.

Echo Campaign: Whether it’s a click-through from an email, a Google AdWords campaign, or from a Rekko popon, you can echo the message or offer with a web toolbar – reinforcing the call-to-action and what brought them back to your site. Echo campaigns increase conversion rates by reminding visitors they have a coupon code or other offer available for redemption.

Timeline: Watch live events and updates as they happen in a Facebook-like feed in the Rekko Dashboard. You’ll see visitors as they come to your website, where they’re from geographically, and if they’re new or repeat visitors. You’ll also see events for when visitors accept/click on campaigns, if they purchased or abandoned from your website, and if they fulfill certain campaign goals.

Watch the video below for a demonstration of Rekko in action.

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