Followers to Customers: How to Build Better Twitter Ads That Convert

Advertising on Twitter 

Twitter is a popular tool for people looking to promote their businesses online. As of February 2019, the website has 321 million active users, so there are lots of people you can reach out to. Content moves fast on Twitter, so your goal is to create ads that both stand out and convert. Use this guide to develop ads that play to Twitter’s strengths and convert lots of users. 

Narrowing Your Targets 

Twitter on Desktop

Since there are so many people on Twitter, you need to find a way to target the specific audience you want to appeal to. By using the built-in Twitter Analytics tool, you can specify the market you operate in.  

From there, you can build ads that can target the groups of people you are aiming for. The analytics tool allows you to see which people you have converted, and you can see what their interests are. This will give you an idea of who you should be trying to appeal to with your ads. Try and do some research online to find keywords these users are likely to search for on Twitter.  

When building ads, you can target accounts that offer content that is relevant to yours. This allows you to advertise to the followers of these accounts. By having a specific target to aim for, it will be much easier to develop ads that will attract the right people to your website. 

Better Visuals Make a Difference 


Another tip for building stronger Twitter ads is to incorporate eye-catching visuals. Visuals are better at attracting people than plain text, so if you want to advertise something you will need a good photo of it to present in your post. Blurry images will not impress users, so make sure you have a good camera so you can take high quality photos of your products. For reference, 1024 x 512px is considered the ideal size for Twitter images. 

Try posting an image of someone using the product, since this is more interesting than an image of the product by itself. Lots of people quickly scroll through their feeds, so make your images pop with color so no one misses them. If your photos impress users, they might retweet your posts so other users can see them. 

Tricks for Writing Copy 

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One way you can convert more users is to use a few tricks when you write the copy for your ads. First, when you are advertising a sale, use percentages rather than actual dollar amounts. A large percentage will be more attractive to users than a small dollar amount. 

Another simple way to increase conversions by promoting urgency with your posts. When you are promoting a sale that is ending soon, be sure to mention that the sale will not last much longer. Terms like “ending soon” or “limited time” can drive interest, since they will entice users to see what you are offering before the promotion ends. 

Be Timely With Event Targeting 

Many people use Twitter to discuss popular events, and others use it to talk about holidays. Depending the type of products you sell, promoting your Twitter ads during specific holidays or events can net you a lot of conversions. Since content moves quickly on this site, nailing the timing of your posts is essential if you want to perform well. 

Twitter’s event targeting feature can help you get relevant posts out at the right time. Using the analytics tool, you can get a clear view of upcoming events and holidays from across the globe. This will give you the information you need to create ads that focus on events that are relevant to your target audience’s interests. 

You can even get detailed information about the people who discuss these events the most. This allows you to tailor your ads towards a specific demographic. 

Another smart way to promote your business on social media is through contents and giveaways. Interested in learning more?