A Guide to Homepage Conversions: Essential Elements to Include

Designing a Successful Homepage

The homepage is the first thing most people will see when they visit your website. A well-designed homepage highlights the features of a business, and should offer users opportunities to explore the rest of the site. Without a good homepage, it will be difficult for you to convert people into paying customers. 

Design your homepage with the following elements to improve conversions for your business. 

A Good Headline or Tagline 

Homepage on Laptop

The best homepages tell visitors what a website can offer them as soon as they sign on. To get conversions, you need to have a short, but strong headline or tagline at the top of the page. Frontloading your homepage with too much information right away is a good way to scare potential customers away. 

Make sure your headline is clear and concise, and conveys what your business is selling. People are visiting your website for a reason, and this copy should let them know that you can solve their problems. From there, you can go into more detail about your services with a few short paragraphs below the headline. 


Calls-to-action are among the most important elements for a store’s homepage. They present visitors with actions to take, and give them the opportunity to explore more of the website. This is how you can guide visitors to pages that will convert them into paying customers. 

Design CTAs with colors that contrast from the rest of the homepage so visitors can locate them immediately. Link out to landing pages that have forms on them, since they have the best chance of converting users. Try to focus on 2 or 3 CTAs for your homepage; you run the risk of overwhelming new visitors if you include more than that. 

Contact Information 


Your company’s contact information should also be included on the homepage. People who visit your website may have some questions about your services, so you should make it easy for them to contact you. Even if you have a dedicated contact page, having your contact info on the homepage can help with conversions. 

It would be best to put this info in the footer of the page so it is separate from the rest of the page’s content. Include your address, phone number, and email so people have several ways to reach out to you. 

Social Media Links 

Social Media Apps

If you have social media pages, link to them in the footer too. By doing this, you give visitors a chance to follow you on other websites. This allows them to keep engaging with your business, which can lead to more purchases in the future. 

Link out to the pages using each platform’s respective icon so visitors can quickly recognize them. Try implementing a live feed on your homepage for one of your social media pages so visitors can get a taste of the content you offer. 

Social Proof (Trust Elements) 

Another way to improve your homepage is to use the concept of social proof. Social proof is the idea that people will copy an action if someone else had a positive experience doing it. If you show visitors that people enjoy your products and services, they are more likely to convert. 

For example, positive reviews and testimonials show that people enjoy working with your company. This can make new visitors more trusting of your brand, and can lead to conversions.  

Include these quotes on the homepage so new users get a positive impression of your brand. Any quotes you post should be accompanied by names and photos to give them more credibility. If you have earned any certifications you should show them off on the homepage as well. 

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