Be Great or Find Someone Who Is

Last year I designed a post card for a friend’s nonprofit organization. Working with friends can be a headache sometimes… It took him awhile to understand why you would pay someone to put text and photos on a page. Aside from knowing the programs anyone can do this stuff, right?

Well, just the other day I got this year’s postcard design. I think he created this in MS Publisher or even MS Paint. Anyways, he sent this around to all his friends and evidently they preferred last years design better. So what do you know, he’s called again for more work!

I suppose graphic design is becoming a generic term. It can mean you work for Pentagram in New York or simply the night shift at the local Kinkos. Even my dad at home can be a graphic designer. Everybody “does graphics,” but only few do graphics “great.”

A serial entrepreneur in Dallas, Texas once told me that “the best way to get things done is to have other people do those things for you.” He went on to say that “it takes time to find the best people to fill those spots, but once you know who can do what you need the best you lock them in.”

We want you to lock us in. We are extremely confident in our abilities to build you anything your heart can desire. Not to mention our superb ecommerce and business builder systems provide so many tools at your disposal.

Let us be your “great” web/design/application team.