The Progressive Web

In an interesting conversation the other day we talked about how progressive companies that constantly institute changes for the better succeed immensely on the web front.

This is held true especially in the SEO world where constant updates are recognized by search engines and relevant data is categorized. But lets dig a bit deeper for discussions sake and note that a progressive web presence also engages your viewers.

Most would agree that it would be wasteful to visit a site that never changes its content. Not to mention less appealing each time. Yet websites that constantly update content/products are viewed far more often. Especially when there is a community that drives these iterations.

So how can you tell if you’re a progressive web company? Here’s a quick checklist:

  • Are you constantly making changes for the better?
  • Do you look at your failures and fix them as valuable lessons?
  • Do you push to make continuous improvements over time for better results?
  • Do you experiment with new methods?

Maybe you don’t know how to be progressive. Well it’s our job here at Logicblock to make your web presence progressive.

Contact us and learn how we can keep you’re company fresh.