A New Page for the WhiteHouse

Today, for the second time in American history, the president’s website switched owners adding much more focus on online communication,transparency and online participation.

According to the site’s first blog post, written by Macon Phillips, a veteran of Obama’s campaign and now the White House’s new-media director, WhiteHouse.gov “will serve as a place for the President and his administration to connect with the rest of the nation and the world.”

Visually, the site is a close cousin of the campaign Web site BarackObama.com and the presidential transition portal Change.gov. And just as Obama maintained an active YouTube presence during his 21-month campaign and nearly three-month transition, he will do so as president. WhiteHouse.gov added a YouTube channel shortly after Obama took office and is promising weekly video addressees.

Personally, I think the site is visually great looking and I believe that with the enhanced communication and participation features, it will be a bookmark for a much larger group of people all across the globe interested in keeping a closer eye on what is going on!