Aggregate Your Life in One Place

Tired of having multiple systems to log into each day to complete tasks for managing and running your company? The monthly costs payable to multiple platforms that stand alone and are time consuming to manage driving you out of your mind?

Well the buck and the madness stop here. Whether your managing customer relationships, editing website content, performing email marketing, billing, website analytics and even e-commerce solutions, it’s time to change the way you operate.

Logicblock’s Enterprise Business Suite was built for you, with it’s sole goal to make life simpler for you while still giving you all the neat services you rely on to enhance and manage your tasks. This suite allows you to integrate the various components across multiple platforms, all into one single system. This robust platform has one monthly rate, giving you access to all your tools from one system. After all we believe your services should interact together, and not simply remain disconnected from each other.

Sign up today and start accepting payments, creating email marketing campaigns, building customer databases, analyzing and improving results all in one place.

Aggregate your services together and make both you and them more effective.