Mnemonic Design

Logicblock focuses with online business. Anything online, we do it, and we do it well. That being said there is often a cross over between the web world and the print world. We strive to bridge the gap between the two, funneling ideas, and creating discussion around design techniques and strategy efforts that work, and ones that don’t.

Snapple is the perfect example of this. They’ve just launched a snappier, new snappie. As an avid Snapple fan, we noticed the change and decided to compare what they were gaining and what they were losing with the redesign.

At first glance we liked the general vibe it was giving of a fresher, more all natural flavor. But we found the design to pull almost too much away from the original intentions of their so sweetly crafted mnemonic design. For years I’ve ran down the drink isles in stores looking for that slanted Snapple type faced bottle. We equivocate the original design to that of the waffle typed “Waffle House” and the green circle of “Starbucks.”

All in all we feel good about the changes, yet wish they had keep some of their Snapple roots within the redesign.
This is something many of our clients come to us with. They are looking for something new in their logo, or their website. They know they need something knew, yet they don’t want to lose what they’ve got, simply make it better. We sit down with our clients and focus on the elements needed to keep, and the elements needed to add, then go from there to create a series of new looks to choose from.

Contact us about a redesign today, and get all the benefits of a new design, with the original elements of your existing work.