Shared Success

We have worked with all kinds of companies over the years.  Everything from home cooked goodies to sophisticated technologies that would require an entire blog post just to explain.  In doing so, we have the privilege of understanding a little bit about their business and how their industry works.  Trust me, it is not a requirement for us to understand your business, but something interesting happens when we learn about it… We share knowledge.

Our expertise with online businesses, whether it be in Ecommerce or search engine optimization or how to properly structure your online site map, almost always benefits our customers in their endeavor to launch a successful online business.

You may be asking yourself, why bother?  The fact is that one of our main philosophies is something I called Shared Success.  In other words, if you are successful, we will be successful.  Almost all of our business is from some sort of referral or repeat business and this can only be achieved by providing excellent products and service.  If you go out of business, that does not really help us, but if you increase your online sales by 200% or triple your online leads, you will hopefully refer us and/or return to us for more services.

Ask yourself, can you really have a successful Ecommerce site, online business, informational website or anything else if the company building it does not understand what it is that you do? The answer is obviously, no.  So, give us a call.  You may be surprised by how much time we will dedicate to understanding how your business works rather than just tossing you estimates and invoices for a website that will fall short of what your business truly needs.  Remember, your success is shared with ours, so we want to make sure we help you as best as we can.